Nowadays terrorism is not related to any specific country. It is a global problem and needs all the countries to unite and fight against it.

The UN has taken the following steps to combat terrorism:

  • Activities on law enforcement and border control.
  • Activities on preventing and responding to attacks by means of weapons of mass destruction.
  • Activities on combating the financing of terrorism.
  • Activities on protecting vulnerable and the Internet.

Similarly, EU has taken the following measures:

  • Improving the EU border controls: Cross border movement of people are tracked and analysed.
  • Securing external borders: The European border and coast guard is supposed to have a 10,000 border guards by 2027. They will carry out border control and migration management as well as fight cross border crime.
  • Stopping foreign terrorist fighters.
  • Making use of air passenger data: Airlines operating flights to and from EU will handover the data of the passengers to the national authorities.
  • Setting up the exchange of information: Information is the most lethal weapon in this high data generating the world. The countries will share all the vital information, police and border guards can move freely and generate alerts. Europool is the EU police agency that supports the exchange of information between national police authorities.
  • Cutting the financing of terrorism.
  • Reducing access to dangerous weapons: New firearms directives have been issued, legal loopholes have been mitigated, weapon acquisition data is very closely monitored.
  • Cybersecurity and preventing radicalisation through online and offline sources.

The reason for sharing the methodology of these two organizations is that because they are operating at a group level and not an individual level. Terrorism has gone well beyond the individual capabilities of a country and if we look at the broader aspect steps taken individually are largely insignificant.

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Conclusion :-

There have been other countries which have been putting individual efforts to overcome this problem and India is one of them. Just like the climate change, this is a global crisis and the EU and UN have worked well collectively. All countries should learn from them and establish systems to share intelligence, men, collective training etc.

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