What is Artificial Intelligence (AI):

  • The ability of a computer system or a machine to behave intelligently with some human traits is known as artificial intelligence (AI).
  • Driverless cars, interpretation of human speech, high-level gaming strategies, decoding complex data etc are all possible because of adding artificial intelligence to machines.

Pros of AI:

  • Artificial intelligence is evolving with every passing day. New inventions by using AI are making our lives simpler. For example, the use of voice assistants such as Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri is increasing. They work through voice recognition technology, which uses AI. Voice assistants can place online orders, answers questions and do plenty of other actions with just commands or through scheduling tasks beforehand. With the use of features of AI like logical reasoning, perception of human behaviour, massive statistical records, planning, machine learning, these avatars or the assistants can do wonders. This type of technologies using AI is making our lives easier and also saving us a lot of time.
  • AI can be used for security purposes of confidential belongings. Features like face recognition and voice recognition are used which requires artificial intelligence of computer machines.
  • Doctors and specialists rely a lot on AI for proper treatments. Be it radiosurgery, or neurological disorder, or depression, artificial intelligence is required in several fields for medical assistance.
  • The field of robotics is very closely related to AI, which is logically training machines to understand human behaviour and psychology well and can be used in multiple fields like industrial laborious work, or engineering of machines minutely, or in operation theatres. Artificial intelligence is bedded into robots so deep, that robots are beating humans in intelligence games or competitions.
  • Also, a lot of video games uses AI as games require human interaction and intelligence the most.
  • AI is helping us in making our society more inclusive. Through AI inventions, the quality of life of people with special needs is improving. Elderly people are able to live independently through the help of new AI inventions. AI has so much potential to make everyone in society live independently and with dignity.
  • AI is helping companies by saving so much money. So, AI can make products cheaper. For example, utilizing AI could save $1 billion for IBM by the year 2020.
  • AI helps in analysing massive amounts of data and thus helps in taking better decisions and that too in much less time. In this way, AI augments human intelligence. For example, now many companies are utilizing predictive analytics, which analyses data and lets company know which customers are most likely to buy the item, and why some customers are not ready to buy the item. Using that information, companies will show ads to the potential customers and that results in maximum returns with low investment. Moreover, they can take better decisions to modify the products by knowing what their potential customers actually want.
  • By replacing humans with AI for tasks that do not afford human error, we can prevent mishaps. Humans are prone to making mistakes. Human errors, especially in some fields such as cybersecurity can cause great damage. So, AI is a boon in preventing these consequences.
  • By leveraging AI, companies can improve efficiency. For example, many companies are now using automation to increase productivity, accuracy and efficiency.
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Cons of AI:

  • AI can be used for the betterment of humanity, but it can also be a reason for human degradation. Automated destructive machines and weapons can be invented using AI and can lead to mass destruction if it falls into wrong hands.
  • Artificial intelligence hypothetically means a more intelligent machine than human beings. Too much intelligence may lead to loss of humanity, because humans would start to rely on those machines too much and may eventually lose their own judgmental, thinking or sentimental qualities.
  • Bringing machines with artificial intelligence would mean a reduction in human labour, which in turn leads to unemployment. AI machines would definitely mean better work performances, but they can also lead to economic instability.
  • Some are of the opinion that AI can cause the extinction of the human race. Great personalities like Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk and Bill Gates had shown their concerns about the negative influences of artificial intelligence and the fear that AI may go beyond the control of humans. For example, in 2017 Facebook has shut down one of its AI systems as chatbots started talking among themselves in their own language.


Artificial Intelligence developments are transforming the world for good. It is making our lives simpler and also making our society inclusive. But machines with AI must have some limitations. The ethics of artificial intelligence has to be formulated well and need to be implemented strictly. International policies on AI are very important to tackle security issues posed by artificial intelligence.

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  • satayam, Jan 20, 2024 @ 10:40 am Reply

    my name is satyam Kumar I am from Bihar in my point of view artificial intelligence is not bad for human it makes huamn life is easier it is totly deppend on human how use it if person use it positive way then it is very beneficial for human but also some disadvantages like it increase the employment

  • Rejul Tyagi, Dec 10, 2023 @ 7:57 pm Reply

    In my opinion of A.I. is good for human being because it make our life is easier basically the use of it depends on human beings how to they used if they used in correct way then it make a life more comfortable .Due to use of ai tools humans have to know more knowledge about every field in technology or education.basically ai can’t decrease the jobs but basically helps the person without person ai can’t itself work basically it works on command of human beings
    Thanks 👍

  • Sunil jakhar, Nov 16, 2019 @ 7:49 pm Reply

    Artificial intelligence play a major role to increase our economy system and working fast towards human being like such instrument computer, mobile networking, banking system and also save lot of time to contribute devloping our technical systems in another way it’s also harmful such as it has reduced human employment in industrial area or it’s. Indirectly side effects our Human being .

  • Juily, Oct 5, 2018 @ 3:20 pm Reply

    I need a good guideline for gd interview bcoz on 12 October I have my cabin crew interview

    • Vaishnavi U P, Mar 4, 2023 @ 7:02 pm Reply

      Artificial intelligence is not bad. It can be used in a better way and can help people to do their work faster. But there are some disadvantages of AI which should be considered before we get too carried away with it.

      Mankind has been using AI for years now.

      Artificial intelligence has been used for years now, and it’s not just in the military. We’ve seen AI used to help ordinary people make decisions about their health, or even to predict which celebrity will be most likely to be murdered next. But while some see this as a good thing—and argue that we should take advantage of its potential—others see it as something more sinister: an idea that could destroy mankind’s ability to think for ourselves and let machines do all our thinking for us.

      AI is an incredibly powerful technology that can be harnessed for both good and bad purposes (just ask Siri). The same goes with any other type of machine learning algorithm: there are many ways these algorithms can be misused if left unchecked by humans who have control over them!

  • Tinku paul, Sep 14, 2018 @ 7:46 pm Reply

    According to me artificial intelligence is very good and nowadays we required very much to operate computer , operate car , operate machine we don’t need to think anything just we open our computer and start working but it requires less manpower as a result unemployment is increasing and as a human we don’t need to think we can depend on artificial intelligence , we can get information , knowledge even sometimes we take wrong decision. But as a human being we have to justify which one is good and we should use artificial intelligence, everything should limit and use the technology.

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