• Artificial Intelligence is mainly feeding the raw inputs and the corresponding outcome into a system. The role of this automated device is to come up with an optimistic algorithm to reach that particular output with the given data input sets. This task clearly would require less labour and in turn demands less man-power.
  • Every job or a task has some level of automation associated with it. With the cognitive mind power of Artificial intelligence supported devices, it would slowly replace this automation arrangement, raising it to a level that would not only simplify their jobs but also ensure higher efficiency and accuracy as compared to the work done by humans.
  • With such cut-throat competition among various firms of different countries, companies have started focussing on the tech-oriented aspect rather than investing fairly in man-power and employee recruitment procedure. This leaves the firm with limited resources to spend on unprofessional employees which in turn leads the termination of their tenure in the firms.
  • Nasscom reports suggest that over 260 million employees will eventually lose their jobs to automation and Artificial Intelligence technology in the coming years. Being the fifth generation of computers, AI has been a hot topic of discussion among research scientists


  • To change the world full of computers working on artificial intelligence versions from a world full of technologies not equipped with the required tools is certainly not an overnight task. The good news is that experts all over the world firmly believe that advent of Artificial Intelligence would be executed fully within a time span of more than 2 decades. 
  • Thinking of a hypothetical situation where we imagine a world which completely functions upon artificial intelligence supported technology, we would still need a lot of skilled labour to check over the maintenance, cyber-security and risk control analysis. So for the jobs lost due to the advent of such an automation will be compensated with the ones generated after the commencement of AI. 
  • Artificial intelligence is an interesting combination of Machine learning, deep learning, IOT and robotics. Professional and engineers are still in the early stages where they are still grasping the basic concepts, let alone its complex application to solve real-life problems.
  • For the complete success of Artificial Intelligence technologies, there would be a requirement a large number of developers specialized in the various subjects of AI. This would, in turn, lead to the recruitment of a large chunk of software engineers and research scientists to solve and implement an automated world that mimics the characteristics of an advanced computer making the human life a better place to live in.
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New technologies such as Artificial intelligence have a sole purpose of automating the various technologies and meanwhile, coming up with new creative innovations to translate this capable potential of AI into a useful one. There have been a numerous number of products launched by the various start-up businesses around the world to demonstrate the power associated with AI, latest being the ‘self-driven cars’. It would be interesting to watch how technology takes over humanity in a jobless society where the currency is machine-generated and intelligent machine agents will replace our existence.


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  • Ajay Negi, Nov 19, 2023 @ 10:25 pm Reply

    Since not every human can be well verse with AI/ML or even a software and systems, so for a layman there will always a requirement for a technician who has a bit knowledge of functioning of the program or expert to work at the backend who is understanding the human real life problem and giving a technical or automated solution using his cognitive intelligence. So the demand of a man power will always be there.

  • pooja khyalia, Feb 28, 2019 @ 8:31 am Reply

    yes ofcourse artificial intelligence can take away jobs……..but we should remember that man makes machine so we need to be more advance but the chances of machined world are far away from india right now because we are not having basic amnities right now so it is not so threatening for us

  • Kushal Jain, Sep 8, 2018 @ 7:44 pm Reply

    AI is making strides through recent breakthroughs be it voice assistants like ‘Alexa’ or humanoids like ‘Sophia’. But its still too early to say AI can completely replace humans.
    Advent of industrialization created same fear in people working in factories and it did led to massive loss of jobs but think about the greater good, where would we have been without industrial revolution and without advancement in science and technology?
    Humans with their intellectual ability can improve quality of life and spend more time with their families and friends by letting AI handle monotonous work. We still have serious problems to deal with – poverty, undernourishment, corruption, underdevelopment, terrorism to name a few. To deal with these problems we need skilled manpower to develop and evolve machine learning algorithms and robots who can reduce our workload.
    There is no dearth of opportunities. AI requires huge investment both monetary and manpower. People will still be needed to develop and train AI. It needs to be continuously monitored and updated.

  • Aditya, Aug 30, 2018 @ 4:51 pm Reply

    Well, saying no to AI or new Technologies just for the sake of jobs of human doesn’t make any sense instead we should find some alternative way in which AI will itself generate jobs for us.

  • bhumika, Jul 24, 2018 @ 9:45 pm Reply

    i think artificial intelligence is good to some extent only as we the humans have made machines it is not that the machines had made us…….end of the day we come back declaring man power more useful than machine as we the humans have a wonderful ability to learn from our mistake

  • sandip sinha, May 3, 2018 @ 12:42 pm Reply

    will AI take away jobs?

    I think introduction of “artificial intelligence” in our society and in day to day life will certainly not create any unemployability.As AI is algorithm driven machine demonstrated intelligence with some human behaviors associated with it.Besides all kind of confusion ,AI can create huge workspace in the field of automation,engineering,mining sector and all others promising field where these sectors are still struggling to create challenging,problem solving to its young employees and organization.
    lastly,AI may offer huge marketplace and economy sustain approach for several projects to many developing countries which are still rely on this moves definitely create positive growth to economy and also offer skill technology driven manpower to these countries.

  • Manish Makwana, Mar 13, 2018 @ 4:05 pm Reply

    Implementation of AI can be seen in 3 ways short term view, mid term view and long term view. In short term means this early stage where research and experimentation is going on, it is creating job in different fields like IOT, Robotics etc. In mid term…. when technology will be developed but still implementation is remaining, it will open up new world for entrepreneurs and start ups which again creates job but with little skilled human force. In long term after implementation of such a technology, maintaining their performance and looking over their reliable performance again we will need human force but now more skilled.
    So in different stages it will always create job opportunities for compensation of lost jobs but with a condition of upliftment of SKILLS of labour.

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