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  • In November 2018, Indian Army Chief, Bipin Rawat said that Indian Army is not yet ready for women in Combat roles ( face to face fight with enemy ) considering the lack of facilities and infrastructure to make it happen.
  • Other two Indian Armed Forces, i.e Indian Air Force & Indian Navy allows women in Combat roles.
  • Currently there are women in Indian Army working in some areas such as medical, legal, engineering wings etc.
  • In June 2017, Indian Army Chief, Bipin Rawat said that Indian Army has started the process to recruit women for combat roles.
  • As of 2018, Germany, Australia, Canada, the US, Britain, Denmark, Finland, France, Norway, Sweden and Israel have allowed women in combat roles.

For :-

  • Women are now entering to many sectors that were once closed to them. In the present generation, women are handling the responsibilities at home and as well as at work. So, women have the capability to handle combat role in the Indian Army as well.
  • Many people are arguing that women do not have enough physical strength to fight in the field. But without training, men too cannot do justice to the combat role. With training anyone can work in the combat role.
  • Physical strength may not always work in the field. Intelligence is the prerequisite to defeat the enemy. Considering the technology available in the present times, one can definitely compensate the lack of physical strength with intelligent usage of weapons.
  • Allowing both men and women helps in increasing the number of personnel in Indian Army.
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Against :-

  • Biologically, men are stronger than women. Hence, it may not be wise to deploy people in the field that have less physical strength than the enemy.
  • Women do have special needs at the times of menstrual cycles and pregnancy etc. So, they may not be always ready to serve in the field.
  • There are no much facilities and infrastructure in Indian Army to allow women in combat roles.

Conclusion :-

If women are willing to serve in combat roles for the country, it will be discriminatory to not allow them. It’s important to provide facilities for women to fasten the process of including women in combat roles in Indian Army.

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