Points to speak for the topic – “Life without a phone”:

  • It’s been more than a century since Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1876. Over the past few decades, phones were made affordable to the common people and now they are the popular form of communication. Instant communication is made possible through phones. We are so dependent on phones that it is difficult to imagine a life without phones.
  • Without phones, life would have been the same as a few decades ago, when people used letters to communicate. Or perhaps, a new type of communication tool would have emerged.
  • The phone is helping in transforming our societies into inclusive societies. It is quite beneficial for differently-abled people and senior citizens to live independently.
  • Not just for communication, but phones are now used for many purposes. They made our lives easier with the advancement of mobile phone technologies. Now, we can order things by phone make payments etc. Without phones, these things would have consumed more time.
  • Mobile phones are life-saving in emergencies. Without phones, many lives would have been lost due to the delay in informing.
  • People who lived before the era of the phone may be able to cope up with a life without phones because they are already used to it, but the generation which was born after phones have become a common thing can find it difficult to live without phones.
  • Due to phones, now many people are preferring virtual lives to focus on maintaining real connections. With this, so many people are feeling lonely. This is causing social anxiety issues too. Without phones, there would have been much more face-to-face interactions.
  • The invention of smartphones increased the number of distractions for us. Without phones, our focus will improve.
  • Continuous use of phones and 24/7 availability is causing anxiety issues for many. Earlier people used to ask whether they can meet, but now people are expecting 24/7 availability on phones from everyone.
  • Even though life without phones feels scary, using letters for normal communication needs is not that bad. It can slow down our communication and hence can reduce conflicts.
  • Now digital detox is becoming famous. Pausing phones for a while helps in leading a peaceful life and to understand how to utilize cellphone without getting trapped by them.
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Life without a phone is very difficult in the present times because now we are so dependent on phones for communication. But once in a while, switching off the phone helps us to reclaim our time and to focus on ourselves & our loved ones.

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