What is Digital detox:

  • Digital detox means switching off digital devices for a while to have screen-free time. Nowadays many people are opting for digital detox for a day or a few days or a week etc.

Advantages of a digital detox:

  • As more and more people are getting addicted to smartphones and other digital devices, a digital detox can break the cycle of addiction and understand the importance of offline time.
  • Digital detox is very helpful for the improvement of mental health. These days, many people are having anxiety issues due to the heavy use of digital devices.
  • It saves time, especially for those who waste so much time on digital devices.
  • It gives us a break from the information hunt. These days many people are consuming too much information on digital devices and it is giving us information anxiety.
  • It gives distraction-free time, which helps the mind to be creative. We can then really concentrate on our hobbies and other interests without getting distracted by the constant notifications.
  • It reduces stress because there will be no pressure to reply to messages, emails and calls.
  • These days, people are having less free time due to the heavy usage of smartphones. A digital detox will make us spend more time with our loved ones.
  • Digital devices cause sleep disturbances. A digital detox can help us sleep better.


Digital detox is very beneficial to focus on ourselves and our loved ones. It helps us to get rid of the addiction to technology. By switching off our digital devices for a while, we can reclaim our time and can have peace of mind.

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