• In August 2021, the Taliban took over Afghanistan.

Taliban rule in Afghanistan – Impact on India:

  • India has invested more than $3 billion in Afghanistan through Infrastructure projects such as schools, highways, dams etc. As there is uncertainty about the future of Indo-Afghanistan relations, there are fears about the future of these projects.
  • China and Pakistan may now have more influence in Afghanistan as both the countries have indirectly accepted the Taliban regime in the country. This may lead to deteriorating relations between India and Afghanistan.
  • There is uncertainty about the future of trade relations between India and Afghanistan.
  • Some political analysts are expressing their worries that Afghanistan may become a safe haven for terrorists. If that happens, India and also the other world countries are at threat.


There is uncertainty about the future of Indo-Afghanistan relations as India has not yet announced its stance on the Taliban regime in Afghanistan. This means there is uncertainty in the Indo-Afghan trade relations and also about India’s strategic investments in Afghanistan.

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  • Hitesh Burdak, Sep 21, 2021 @ 3:13 pm Reply

    The announcement of US withdrawal from Afghanistan made revival of Taliban in power apparent, the series of blunders committed by United States including previous government’s peace deal with the Talibs and current government’s hasty retreat abandoning crucial weapons and armored vehicles behind gave impetus to Taliban’s advances to capture Kabul. The US raised Afghan Army couldn’t deter the barbarians takeover of Kabul on 15th August.

    The return of rebels in power arises many problems including terrorism, radicalization and drug smuggling which should be reckoned with, prior to eventual catastrophe.

    Impact on India
    As a neighbor of Afghanistan, New Delhi is concerned of new developments in pandemonium facing neighbor. The Cultural and trade relation of both the neighbors dates back to pre Harrapan times of Chalcolithic period when tin was bartered from Afghanistan.
    In modern times India shared good relations with Afghanistan prior to the new rulers uprooted the democratic government. The incumbent regime is not amiable with India as the latter was part of northern alliance and supported previous government in resisting albeit not militarily. The proximity of Taliban with Pakistan can be witnessed by ISI chief Faiz Hammed’s visit of Kabul, and it is obvious to the world that Pakistan’s propensity will be to use Taliban in trying to de-establish peace in Kashmir, as Afghanistan is facing bedlam many terror outfits including Daesh and ISIS Khorasan have emerged. The NIA has recently reported rise in online campaign by ISIS-K against India. The main aim of India will be not allowing Taliban to become proxy’s proxy.

    India have to overcome adverse constellation of forces that have been mushroomed in Afghanistan, so it is important for it to clear its stance regarding Taliban. We have witnessed meeting of Indian envoy to Qatar and Taliban’s delegation in Doha two weeks ago. More efforts seems to be taken by India to maintain its neutrality and its ambition to have strong foothold in Central Asia, although the chances of reaching Central Asia through Afghanistan are now feeble.

  • Deepanshu Prajapati, Sep 20, 2021 @ 5:13 pm Reply

    As we know that Taliban came in existence after the Afghanistan Soviet war
    And now it occupied the whole country and also it got the help from Pakistan and China which is the threat for all countries in the world.
    Because if the Taliban exist in Afghan longer then Afghanistan will be the hub of terrorism like that Pakistan,Iran.
    Taliban presence in Afghanistan will affect india in trade and the cost of dry fruits can be increased in india because india imports dry fruits from Afghanistan and india will face 2nd loss that is export.
    Afghanistan is connected with india by many types like that India invest 3 billion USD in making many projects and Salma dam is the sign of India Afghanistan friendship and india also made parliament in Afghanistan to remain it democratic.
    Thankyou My dear condidates

  • Chaudhary Rakesh bhemabhai, Aug 25, 2021 @ 8:59 pm Reply

    Taliban is possession on Afghanistan because Afghanistan defense is not more powerful and it’s president also went in another country it is not good response for country but Afghanistan people also have helped for country save but didn’t get more support from government so, Taliban has taken over on Afghanistan

    Afghanistan main professional person also have resigned with Taliban so it’s made Afghanistan weak and also helped for taliban

  • Ashwani pandit, Aug 25, 2021 @ 9:51 am Reply

    Reservation topic air force gd

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