• On 12th & 13th January 2023, India hosted a two-day virtual summit on “Voice of the Global South“. Its theme was “Unity of Voice, Unity of Purpose.” This was an attempt to build cooperation among the countries in the global south and to bring balance to the world order.

What is Global South:

  • It refers to the nations located in the southern part of the world. This includes a total of 78 countries in the regions such as South America, Asia, Africa, and Oceania. The Global North refers to countries like the US, Canada, Europe, Russia, Australia, and New Zealand.

Importance of the voice of the Global South summit:

  • The Global South is significant due to its large population, which constitutes over 50% of the world’s population, making it a significant demographic force in the world. The Global South is known for its diverse and rich cultural heritage, which contributes to the cultural richness and diversity of the world. The Global South is rich in natural resources, including minerals, oil, and forests, which play an important role in the world economy. But the region is under-represented in international forums.
  • Many countries in the Global South are experiencing rapid economic growth, which is contributing to the world’s economic development and stability.
  • The Global South is home to many emerging markets, which are becoming increasingly important centres of innovation, entrepreneurship, and investment.

India as a leader of the Global South:

  • India is one of the largest and most populous countries in the region and due to its large population, rich culture, and growing military and economic power, India has the potential to be a leader of the Global South.
  • Where the UN failed to effectively address the concerns of the Global South, India is focusing on adjusting its relationship with other major powers, ensuring peace and stability in its surrounding regions, and creating regional organizations in its extended neighbourhood to enhance cooperation and coordination.
  • India’s policy of non-alignment with any major power bloc in the world has positioned it well to take a leadership role in the Global South.
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  • Poverty and economic inequality are major problems for the countries of the Global South, making it difficult to implement development initiatives.
  • Many countries in the Global South face political instability, making it hard to carry out plans for long-term development and discourage foreign investment.
  • Developed countries in the Global North contribute more to global emissions but neglect to pay for green energy, which ultimately harms the developing countries in the Global South.
  • There is a lack of a common consensus among the countries in the Global South regarding significant global matters.
  • Developed nations have a lot of control over international trade and financial systems. This control can cause harm to developing countries in the Global South.

Way forward:

  • India can take steps to address the challenges faced by the Global South, promote economic development, and provide help in building infrastructure.
  • Political stability must be established in the Global South to promote long-term development. This can be achieved by promoting good governance, fighting corruption, and strengthening institutions that provide security and support to the citizens.
  • India can play a crucial role in bringing the Global South together and working towards a unified stance on global issues.
  • India can also work towards ensuring a level playing field for developing countries in the Global South in international trade and financial systems.
  • The countries of the Global South must advocate for globally coordinated efforts to address climate change, including fair contributions from developed nations to reduce emissions and support the transition to a green energy economy in the least developed countries.
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The Voice of the Global South Summit 2023 by India is a positive initiative as it addresses the challenges faced by developing countries in the Global South and promotes unity. The main aim of this summit was to provide a voice to the countries which are not part of the G20 and share their ideas and aspirations through this platform. It is said that the outcome of this summit will be channelized into India’s G20 presidency. India, being a significant player in the region, has the potential to become a voice of the Global South in international forums and drive positive change through regional institutions and collaborations. By doing so, India can help to promote sustainable development, address economic disparities, and improve the quality of life for people in the Global South and bring them together.

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  • Rahul Shrivastava, Mar 15, 2023 @ 1:18 am Reply

    India is definitely in a position to showcase problems of Global South to the world under its Presidency in G-20. Emerging as an economic & political power, it can compel developed nations to pay to developing countries of Global South their rightful dues.

  • Yashashree Joshi, Jan 31, 2023 @ 7:35 pm Reply

    Yes, I think India took a great initiative to uplift the Southern developing nations through this Global summit. Through G20 presidency India can put forward and highlight this issue infront of developed countries. As far as geopolitics, rich north nations will prefer to join hands with India rather than China as India has established good International relations with Russia, US and few more.
    Through this summit India can emerge as a Global power in coming years which will contribute in the world’s economy and also will be a helping hand to developing nations which right now can’t raise their voice.

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