What is Drone technology:

  • Drones are flying devices, which can be controlled using a remote or smartphone. Drones are also called ‘Unmanned Aerial Vehicle‘ (UAV).
  • As per records, the earliest version of drones was used in 1849. But from then, drones were mostly used for military purposes. Only a few years ago, the miniaturization of drones allowed multiple industries to start leveraging drone technology.
  • Now, drones are accessible to the general public. They are being used for many reasons such as personal interests, commercial purposes, military use etc.

Pros of drone technology:

  • Drones are being used in many industries. They go to places where it is difficult for humans to go. For example, they can be used to deliver medicines quickly in hilly regions.
  • Drones can be used to deliver food at the time of natural calamities. Not just delivering food, using drones, rescue teams can find people that are stuck and can save them. So, drones can save lives.
  • They can be used in agriculture too for seed dispersal, pollinating flowers, identifying crop diseases etc.
  • They can decrease the workload for humans by taking care of monotonous tasks such as delivering goods, sowing seeds etc.
  • Drones are very much beneficial in replacing humans for working in dangerous places such as mining.
  • Drones are being used for military purposes. They can prevent or reduce the loss of lives at the time of wars by replacing humans.
  • They can be used to provide internet access in remote areas.
  • Drones can replace many jobs, especially monotonous jobs. But the good thing is that drone technology is creating plenty of jobs.
  • Drones are cost-saving. For example, many people who bought drones for personal purposes use them for taking aerial shots. Earlier, before drones became accessible to the general public, taking aerial shots is very expensive.
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Cons of drone technology:

  • Drones are prone to hacking.
  • They can collide with flights.
  • Drones can be misused to stalk, vandalize homes and for doing many other anti-social activities. There have been many incidents, where drones posed security threats.


Unmanned Aerial Vehicles can be used for many purposes. Drones have the potential to revolutionize many sectors. They are already being used in many industries including agriculture, construction, mining, filmmaking.

Photo by Peter Fazekas from Pexels

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