What is digital privacy?

  • Digital privacy means the protection of the personal information of individuals who use digital mediums.

Points to speak:

  • We provide our personal information to many apps and websites mostly to use their services. For example, we mention our phone number and address in food delivery apps, shopping apps etc. Now, more and more people are using online services. So, we are all vulnerable to the theft of our personal information.
  • In general, personal information is used to target us for advertisements.
  • Many websites and apps are now showing information to their users about what information they are storing and what third party apps are having access to the data. They are asking for the acceptance from users on whether they can store the information in cookies or not.
  • There are several incidents, where data breaches occurred revealing the personal information of many people.
  • Data theft can lead to users becoming victims of cybercrimes and cyberbullying.
  • Companies should invest more in protecting users from data breaches.
  • Users should have complete control over how their personal data is handled. There should be strict punishments for violations.


Digital privacy is important for many reasons. Data theft can lead to users becoming victims of cybercrimes and cyberbullying. Hence there should more investments in protecting the data of users and moreover, there should be strict punishments for violations.

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