Android vs iOS:

  • The majority of smartphone users use either android phones or iPhones. Android and iOS are operating systems used in smartphones and tablets. The android operating system is used by many smartphone manufacturers including Samsung, Redmi, whereas iOS is used exclusively in iPhones. In general, people choose either one of these based on their requirements and preferences.
  • Many android phones are affordable and can be bought by middle-class people and also students. iPhones are expensive and not everyone can afford them.
  • iPhones are more secure when compared to an average android phone. iPhones do not allow third-party apps to install. We can install apps that are available in the AppStore only, whereas Android phones allow installing third-party apps through APK files and also through third-party app stores. Moreover, the AppStore of apple phones is very strict and do not allow apps that contain malware. That’s why the app stores in iPhones contain fewer apps compared to Android phones. Google play store in Android phones contains several apps with malware. Moreover, programming-based hacking is very difficult to carry out in iPhones compared to Android phones, which means hackers cannot hack iPhones just by calling.
  • For normal people, iPhones give complete control. In iPhones, we can remove even default apps and can make our phones less cluttered. In Android phones, we cannot remove default apps without rooting.
  • Android phones can be customized heavily to personalize, whereas iPhones have limited customization options.
  • There is no back button on iPhones for easy navigation.
  • Transfer of files to laptops or other phones is much easier for Android phones. Data from iPhones can be transferred easily to other iPhones or Macbooks, but for other phones and laptops, it requires a time-taking process.
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Android and iOS both are good platforms. Based on our requirements and preferences, we can choose either of those. If you want a more secure phone, you can go for iPhone. If you want an affordable phone with the ability to personalize it, you can go for an android phone.

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  • Rachna, Oct 10, 2022 @ 11:21 am Reply

    beacause i am a student and also belong from middle family . i prefer android over ios because they are pocket friendly . can easily install various app from playstore not like ios we have to stick with fewer apps or much limitations which makes us deprived from various apps .

  • ammar, Jun 10, 2022 @ 9:41 pm Reply

    for me i prefer using android phones, it have more things you are allowed to do like downloading moded apps for example. also i don’t like the iOS launchers

    • Violet, Jul 19, 2022 @ 9:48 am Reply

      Android and ios both are operating system but android are more affordable for normal people and students this cann allow third party apps to download transfer of file can be quite easy hear in android there are number of model that we can buy based on the requirements and preferance we can go for the andriod but we want more secure we go for iPhones this will not allow any third party apps to download but transfer of file quite easy to transfer through other iPhones or MacBook but transfer through mobile phones it takes long time

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