What is ‘Son of the Soil approach’ in recruitments:-

  • The theory of bearing the job opportunities from various companies established in a particular area must be offered mainly to the people living in that area and not the immigrants who migrate from other regions or those who do not share the same mother tongue as the regional population. This includes both favouritism and regionalism for the residents of that region.

Positive side:-

  • One major positive outcome of Son of the Soil would be the people can find jobs in their native places instead of travelling all the way to other cities in search of employment. This helps them stay close to their family and children supporting them financially.
  • Setting up a Cooperate office in a completely new place becomes a challenging task. This could be easily achieved with the support of local residents of that area. In return, the company could provide employment which helps them form a symbiotic relationship.
  • For the construction purposes, the company could get cheap labour straight from the local people and saves them the extra effort to hire a costlier bunch of labourers from other regions outside. This helps the company to save its resources that could be diverted for the accomplishment of other departments.
  • With new job opportunities generated in remote places, this effectively improves the poverty rate bringing in major changes in the economic growth of the country. Poverty has been a serious problem over the years and SoS rises new hopes in the minds of poor people.
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Negative side:-

  • Son of the Soil may not always work in favour of everybody especially for the companies that is hiring employees for a particular skill set. There is a high possibility that the hiring panel might not find the skills and talent that could do justice to that profile and the company.
  • Lack of employment opportunities has been a major issue and even after the efforts of our Government, we have been unable to eradicate this problem from its roots. For those thousands of people who migrate from one place to another in search of jobs, SoS has shrunk the existing job opportunities.
  • The feeling belongingness towards the people residing in only a certain part of the country hampers the patriotic nature towards the country as a whole. This is in a way separating individual regions of a state even though it brings them close individually.
  • Generally, employment opportunities are concentrated in some areas. If Son of Soil approach is implemented, people of other regions will be at disadvantage.


Prioritizing a certain section of a society and differentiating them from the rest of the crowd has both positive and negative impacts on the community. On one side, the poor and needy section may get benefitted by this theory but it isn’t fair for those who feel talent and skill are all one needs to get through the recruitment procedure and get hired. The country has witnessed various son of soil arguments especially in politics and largely affected the recruitment in public as well as private sectors of the market.

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