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Zero – Abstract GD Topic

Zero as a concept has been around since ancient times, popping up in Babylonian and Mayan inscriptions, when it was used to calculate the passage of the seasons. In today’s world, zero plays a big role unknowingly. Some of the…
Son of the soil
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Son of the Soil approach in recruitment – Good or Bad?

What is ‘Son of the Soil approach’ in recruitments:-
  • The theory of bearing the job opportunities from various companies established in a particular area must be offered mainly to the people living in that area and not the immigrants who
Climate change
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Should both developed and underdeveloped countries have equal binding in combating climate change?

  • Global Warming is termed as a global problem which emphasises that each and every nation on this planet is equally responsible for resolving the deteriorating condition of the earth. This means that the developing countries must hold uniform equity
Job vs entrepreneurship
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Job vs Entrepreneurship

Theme: With the increasing number of career choices in front of students, there is often confusion among the students to choose the right career. After the launch of the “Startup India – Standup India” program by our government, people are…
Patanjali marketing lessons
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Rise of Patanjali – Marketing lessons to learn

Background :-
  • The big brand Patanjali Ayurved Limited is an Indian FMGC company with headquarters in Delhi. This company has left a remarkable mark on the business industry with its sale of mineral and herbal products. According to CLSA and