Can India get into NSG?

What is NSG :-

  • ‘Nuclear Suppliers Group’ (NSG) is a group of Nuclear supplier countries that are allowed to trade in & export nuclear material technology.
  • It was formed in 1974 to limit exports of nuclear equipment, materials and technology, because India tested Nuclear weapon in the same year.

How NSG benefits India :-

  • NSG’s membership will boost India’s atomic energy sector.

In Favor of India’s Entry into NSG :-

  • In 2008, during a summit by NSG, India made a formal pledge that it would not share nuclear technology with others and will not test nuclear weapons.
  • USA, UK, Russia, Australia, Japan, Mexico, Canada and French have shown support to India’s membership in NSG.

Obstacles :-

  • China is the strongest opposer to the India’s entry into NSG. It is expressing opposition, because India is not a signatory of NPT. China demanded that if India is allowed into NSG, Pakistan, which is also not a signatory of NPT, also deserve membership in NSG.
  • Turkey, Austria, Ireland, New zealand are also opposing India’s entry into NSG, as it is not a signatory of NPT.

Basics :-

  • According to Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), 1968, the spread and expansion of nuclear weapons is prohibited to maintain global peace.
  • NPT mentions that only 5 countries – USA, UK, Russia, France & China are allowed to keep their nuclear weapons, and all other countries are prohibited to do so.
  • 191 countries signed NPT.
  • India didn’t sign NPT, because this agreement is discriminatory. And also without nuclear weapons India’s security will be at risk in this modern era.
  • Except France, all the members of NSG are signatories of NPT.

Conclusion :-

India has good support and well track record to get into ‘Nuclear Suppliers Group’. If India can garner the strongest opposer China’s support, the way to NSG’s membership will be cleared.

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