• When ‘COVID-19’ is your GD topic, you can speak about so many things such as why it became a pandemic, the impact it has on our lives and economies, the lessons it taught to the world etc.

Points to speak:

  • COVID-19 was first detected in China and spread to the entire world within months. There are so many reasons why it became pandemic. Globalization, lack of immediate information-sharing among world countries on viruses, high population density in urban areas due to uneven development etc. turned the epidemic into a pandemic.
  • It revealed the loopholes in healthcare systems.
  • It affected our daily lives, caused job losses for many, caused an economic slowdown in many countries.
  • Covid taught so many lessons to the world such as improving healthcare systems around the world, the need for transparency among countries, the importance of self-sufficiency etc.
  • Covid-19 was originated due to human-wildlife interaction. Destruction of wildlife habitats is resulting in wildlife entering into residential areas. This reiterates the need of protecting the spaces of wildlife animals.
  • Social inequalities have increased a lot during the pandemic phase.
  • Covid changed the way we work. Now more and more people are working from home.
  • Viruses constantly change due to mutations. Viruses mutate when they move from host to host, which means person to person to adapt to their surroundings. When a virus has one or more new mutations it’s called a new variant of the virus. Covid variants are named after Greek alphabets – Alpha, beta, gamma, delta and omicron etc.
  • Maintaining hygiene, social distancing, healthy eating habits will continue even after the pandemic phase.
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COVID-19 came at the time when the world least expected it. Some countries could tackle it efficiently and some others couldn’t. It affected the daily lives of almost everyone and collapsed many economies. It taught so many lessons to the world. Now the world can take steps to prevent the next pandemic and also can be better prepared to tackle the next pandemic if it comes.

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