What is a Social networking site:

  • Social networking sites (SNS) are online platforms where people can meet other people and can make friendships. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are a few examples of SNS.
  • Social networking was started on the internet in the form of generalized online communities to group people having the same interests and to share their ideas.
  • The first recognizable social networking site is SixDegrees.com which was launched in 1997.
  • Now, there are lots of social networking sites for specific interests.

Social networking sites – Boon:

  • We can keep in touch with friends in today’s busy world. Moreover, we can find our friends easily, even if we lost contact.
  • We can share our ideas, information and knowledge with those, who have the same interests, even if they are so many miles away from us.
  • Many companies are developing interactive communities that connect individuals to share business needs & experiences.
  • Students are connecting with employers via LinkedIn kind of SNS for job opportunities and internships.
  • Generally, social networking sites create a positive atmosphere. For example, many social networking sites don’t send notifications, if someone is removed as a friend.

Social networking sites – Bane:

  • People are increasingly comparing their lives with others who are projecting their life as perfect. This decreases happiness levels and also can lead to self-esteem issues for many people, especially teenagers.
  • Privacy is a big drawback of SNS. Cybercriminals use the personal information of others for malicious intentions.
  • Addiction is another big drawback of SNS. Many people are spending several hours per day on social networking sites such as Instagram, Twitter etc. Spending in front of the computer for long hours creates many health problems.
  • A lot of SNS users are preferring online conversations rather than face-to-face conversations. It is affecting their real-life communication skills, relationships and even mental health.
  • Children and teenagers are vulnerable to cybercrimes.
  • Gossips and rumours can become viral in an instant, which can cause trauma for the people involved.
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Social networking sites are a boon. But children and teenagers must be guided by their guardians because they are vulnerable to cybercrimes. When we use the sites for the advantages they provide without disclosing too much personal information, we can utilize the sites without becoming a victim to them. However, life will be great if we spend less time on social networking sites and more time in the real world.

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