Positive Side :-

  • Through Social media, youth is exchanging ideas & views in a win-win situation.
  • Youth are turning into more understanding, when it comes to cultural differences and misunderstandings.
  • Youth are now well aware of the things happening around the world because of ready information available in social media.
  • Teachers are interacting with students and their parents efficiently.
  • Social service is now became a trend among youth.
  • Young entrepreneurs are attracting investors through social media.

Negative Side :-

  • Addiction is a major negative side of social networks.
  • Being overly active on social media has caused many serious disorders like insomnia, depression, poor inter-personal relationships, lack of concentration, high level of anxiety, ignorance and rudeness.
  • Around 75% of youth creates profiles on multiple social networking sites and end up in spending most of their valuable time on updating each site number of times every day.
  • On 8th of January 2017 a case of selficide was reported at AIIMS which is an addiction of taking selfies and this is in turn due to addiction to social networking.
  • Some youngsters has lost connection and relationship with their family members and relatives due to excess use of social networking sites.
  • It also effects them economically as the youth spends good amount of money for internet data packs.
  • Some young people have lost jobs due to bad performance at work, because of spending a lot of time on social networks.
  • Few young people are being trapped by criminals, who are using fake profiles in social networks to trap innocent youngsters.
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Conclusion :-

Social media has a great impact on youngsters. Youth needs parental guidance to what is good and what is bad, so that they can protect themselves while enjoying the benefits of social networking.

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