In Favor:-

  • In some incidents, the consequences can be very severe. For example, the pollution may lead to health problems in nearby residents. In those cases, it is justified to impose severe punishments on the polluters.
  • Punishment acts as a deterrent, and thus reduces the law violators.
  • If environment is polluted, it takes a lot of time to replenish itself, sometimes it is irreversible. Hence, it is justified to impose severe punishments to environment polluters.
  • Environment is no less than human beings living in it. There are punishments for hurting people, so there is no point in imposing light punishments on polluting the environment.
  • Imposing heavy fines on industries that pollute environment can helps the governments financially, which can be used to restore the environment.

Against :-

  • Certain kinds of pollution by industries and individuals is inevitable. Without polluting environment, we cannot even run the industries.
  • Strict and sever punishments may discourage investors from investing in manufacturing sectors.
  • Automobile manufacturers may hesitate in entering the domestic market with harsh punishments for environmental pollution as any small negligence in technology may cause heavy losses to the organization.
  • Instead of imposing punishments, reforestation and green technologies must be encouraged and practiced at industrial areas.
  • Research on greener and renewable form energy must be funded by environment protection bodies. Till then industries should be spared from punishment. Organic farming and green revolution can act as best replacements to the strict punishments.
  • People may feel very restricted, uncomfortable and fearful with the punishments are in place.
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More awareness and encouragement should be provided on Eco-friendly living. There should be strict punishments for industries, if they fail to abide environment laws. That will help in maintaining our habitat.

Your Turn :- Do you think environment polluters deserve severe punishment? Express your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  • Apo Lytica, Apr 26, 2019 @ 3:48 am Reply

    Big Polluters should be given the death penalty or spend the rest of their lives in Prison.

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