“There is no chance of the welfare of the world unless the condition of women is improved. It is not possible for a bird to fly on one wing.– Swami Vivekananda.

Need for women empowerment :-

  1. Even in this 21st century, gender inequality still exists.
  2. There are so many women, who are silently baring the harassment from their life partners and others because of the lack of education, lack of legal awareness and lack of empowerment.
  3. When women are empowered, whole society benefits, because women constitute half of the society.
  4. Educating women about health care promotes healthier families.
  5. Even though women works 24/7 to raise their children and to maintain their families, they are not getting enough recognition for house chores and home maintenance. As this work is unpaid, women who choose to be home makers are not considered as working persons in Indian economy. Due to this, their self esteem tend to be low.

Challenges for women in India :-

  1. Female foeticide.
  2. Female infanticide.
  3. Neglect during childhood.
  4. Gender Bias.
  5. Eve-teasing
  6. Abuse of girl children
  7. Childhood marriages.
  8. Gender specific specialization at work.
  9. Cultural definition of appropriate gender roles.
  10. Belief in the inherent superiority of males. Families are considered as a private sphere and stays under male control.
  11. Honor killings – Family honor is associated with women in general, which is an extra burden on women.
  12. Limited access to education. Low literacy levels.
  13. Limited access to cash and credit.
  14. Limited employment opportunities.
  15. Harassment a workplace.
  16. Safety.
  17. Dowry.
  18. Domestic violence.
  19. Still house chores are women’s duty.
  20. Restriction on widow remarriage.
  21. Poverty effects women more than men.
  22. India’s maternal mortality is highest in South Asia.
  23. Crimes against women.
  24. Trafficking of women.
  25. Lack of awareness about government schemes.
  26. Still, status of women in India is inferior to status of men.
  27. Low representation in public affairs and politics.
  28. Unemployed though educated.

Provisions in Indian constitution for women empowerment :-

  1. Article 14 – Equality before law – Provides equal legal protection for women.
  2. Article 15(3) – Special provisions for women.
  3. Article 16 – Equal opportunities for all citizens in public employment irrespective of caste, sex, religion.
  4. Article 23 – Prohibits traffic in human beings & forced labour.
  5. Article 39 – The citizen, men & women equally have the right to an adequate means of livelihood.
  6. Article 40 – 1/3 rd of seats in panchayats shall be reserved for women.
  7. Article 42 – State shall make provisions for just and humane working conditions & maternity relief.
  8. Article 44 – Uniform civil code for the citizens throughout the territory of India to safeguard women from laws of religion.
  9. Article 51 A (e) – One of the duties of every citizen is to renounce practices derogatory to the dignity of woman.
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Government Acts for women empowerment :-

  1. Section 14 of the Hindu Succession Act 1956 – Property of a female Hindu to be her absolute property.
  2. Hindu Succession (Amendment) Act 2005 – Women get equal share in the ancestral property.
  3. Dowry prohibition Act, 1961.
  4. Contract Labor Act, 1970 & Factories Act, 1948 – Women can’t be employed in the night between 9pm to 6am. – Women cannot be required to work for more than 9hrs.
  5. Equal remuneration Act, 1976.
  6. The indecent representation of women (prohibition) Act, 1986.
  7. Commission of Sati (Prevention) Act, 1987.
  8. Protection of women from domestic violence Act, 2005.
  9. Maternity Benefits Act, 1961.
  10. Child marriage (prohibition) Act, 1929.
  11. Hindu marriage Act, 1955 – This act was passed to stop polygamy and bigamy.

Government Schemes and Programs to empower women :-

  1. Beti Bachao Beti Padhao :- To eliminate female foeticide and to promote education for girl children.
  2. STEP (Support to training cum Employment for women) – To increase the self-reliance and autonomy of women by enhancing their productivity & enabling them to take up income generation activity.
  3. SSA (Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan) – For girl child education. It lead to increase in the Gender Parity Index (GPI).
  4. The National literacy Mission or Saakshar Bharat – Literacy of women. Literacy is the critical instrument of women’s empowerment.
  5. National Rural Health Mission – Educating women on health care. It has resulted in the decline in fertility rates, Maternal mortality rates (MMR), Infant mortality rates (IMR).
  6. SHG (Self Help Groups) – For economic development in women by giving micro finances.
  7. GB (Gender budgeting) – Identifying the felt needs of women and re-prioritizing and increasing expenditure to meet these needs.
  8. NMEW (National Mission for Empowerment of Women) – To ensure economic & social empowerment of women.
  9. Swayamsidha scheme – To ensures total development of women.
  10. Swadhar scheme – Basic necessities to marginalized women & girls.
  11. Kishori Shakti Yojana – Empowerment of adolscent girls.
  12. Mahila Samridhi Yojana – For women empowerment.
  13. Maternity Benefit Scheme – Payment of Rs.500/- to pregnant women for the first two births only if the woman belongs to BPL (Below Poverty Line) category.
  14. Rastriya Mahila Kosh – To provide micro loans for women.
  15. Scheme for working women hostel – To promote availability of safe & conveniently located accommodation fro working women.
  16. Development of women & children in Rural Areas (DWCRA)– Creation of groups of women for income generating activities on self sustaining basis.
  17. SABLA – Empowerment of adolescent girls.
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International efforts for women empowerment :-

  1. Year ‘2001’ was declared as the “Women empowerment year“.
  2. ‘Promoting gender equality and empowering women’ is one of the eight ‘Millennium Development Goals‘ (MDGs).

What needs to be done :-

  1. First of all, women must have the will to be independent & to be the best version of themselves, then rest of everything follows.
  2. Help from government and society is also needed to compensate the discrimination women face to live their life to fullest.
  3. Creating legal awareness among women about their rights.
  4. Educating women. Education makes them independent.
  5. Providing health facilities & economic security.
  6. Skill development programs.
  7. Forming groups. Unity gives strength to everyone.
  8. And many more little things which makes significant difference and leads to the great future.

Best practices worldwide :-

  1. “The Women, Business and the Law, 2012” is a law in Switzerland, specifically targeting the future prospects of women seeking jobs and promotions as entrepreneurs and business workers impeding the economic involvement of their husbands.
  2. Canadian Women’s Foundation is an initiative taken by the citizens of Canada which involves educating girls on the grounds of science and technology, critical thinking skills, leadership tasks etc.
  3. Equality Pay Act – United Kingdom: is an act which focuses on trimming down the difference between a man and a woman’s average pay earned annually. This ensures gender equality by paying them as per the working hours.
  4. UN Women: is the UN organization entitled for the growth of women across every little corner of the world. This mainly aims at accelerating the women empowerment and helping them follow their dreams and aspirations.

Conclusion :-

We have come so far in women empowerment. Now many women are working in diverse careers and are financially independent. But still we have a long way to go. We need to totally eliminate gender inequality. The Government and we, the people have responsibility towards women empowerment. And we can achieve this ‘Millennium Development Goal’ definitely. One day will come, when gender inequality will only be present in the history books.

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  • subhash gehlot, Jan 7, 2021 @ 12:03 pm Reply

    In my point of view women empowerment means to give the power and authority to women.it also refers to social , economical,educational,political,and spiritual strength of women. it make them independent from all aspect like mind, thought,rights,and family and society limitation.as we now there is no chance to welfare of the world unless women are improved. because it is not possible for a bird to fly on a wing. so we should also give them equal opportunity in every field. government has also launched many campaign to empower women like beti bachavo beti padhavo[it eradicate the women forticide and encourage girls for education ] and recently it has launched LILAVATI price to encorage women and celebration day like women day , mother day in order to bring the awareness in society about women empowerment . as we know world’s fifty percent population is women if they will work in every field they contribute to develop our county’s economical condition . at the individual way we should starting to give them respect and equal opportunities in every field . we should encourage them and promote them in business activities ,higher education .it also help to eradicate the social evil like child marriage ,dowry system .

  • Manvendra mishra, Dec 27, 2020 @ 3:09 pm Reply

    as we know that we burden women with domestic reponsibility but actually we should give ladies chance to pursue an occupation of their choice, women also need to empower themselves and they also need to face challenge social discrimination because now the time has come to taking benefits of their capability.

    condition of women in certain countries is very bad they are not able to have equal access to education so attitude of the world towards women also has to change by empowering the women.

  • Sukla das, Sep 26, 2020 @ 12:01 pm Reply

    Women empowerment is a power of women wich women gets by born.they are very energetic.now a days we have been seeing most of the section they are going but still they could have gone more and more section that is they’re not getting by some politics or they have no sufficient money or by crooked they are being helpless like rape dominated etc. Our government should take care for all womens there will be no discrimination they will get all type of help by our society all people should respect to the womens then they will go far away in our India womens employment wil fruitful.

  • Dr. FARAH Deeba Bazmi, Jan 19, 2020 @ 8:36 pm Reply

    Yes I want to be a part of the discussion s

  • VISHAL RAJPUT, Nov 2, 2019 @ 9:12 pm Reply


  • Abha Shivhare, Sep 12, 2019 @ 8:06 am Reply

    Women empowerment this is the word that itself have much power , and that can be only achieved by providing proper education to girl .
    Every girl out there had so many dreams to fulfil and it’s good thing that government help them to fulfil there dreams .
    And for this we all are much thankful towards our Government.
    That topic reminds me of the movie “ENGLISH VINGLISH” where they showed us that as women work for 24/7 and still they don’t get any respect from their own family , society but the end the conclusion is Women can do what they want .

  • neelam, Jan 10, 2019 @ 6:21 pm Reply

    According to me women means power ,they have lot of energy , they are able to manage everything . They have two hands but they work like Goddess Ma-Durga.They play dual role in their professional life and personal life,they always balance.Women every where in Government organisation as well as corporate sector ,army ,navy border security forces. Inspite of that women they are not physically compete with man I e we get news everyday rape , murder is going in our society so self defence is very essential. According to me all the school authorities should arrange for training of women for their self defence.Then women will be physically strong and Govt.should impose strict rules those people involve in the bad activities they should be hanged then they will think twice to do any wrong .We celebrate international women’s Day that day many organisations gives respect to the woman this is enough always should gives respect to women otherwise society cannot develop.

    • kiran, Jun 13, 2019 @ 11:30 pm Reply

      well said superb

    • Harshit choudhary, Nov 14, 2019 @ 6:10 pm Reply

      Well prepared topic dear

  • Vishal tyagi, Nov 18, 2018 @ 2:51 pm Reply

    Hi folks
    Women empowerment
    What is women empowerment
    Women empowerment is that in which the women’s are educated about their law and making stronger . Because in India many women are baring harrassment due to lack of education ,lack of legal awareness and money more .so it is a step to empower women in our society because if we can not respect women then we can not respect anyone . Still in modern days women’s are doing well in every field like games , education etc but the many women are faces certain problem their the many problems faced by women :
    Limited education
    Limited freedom
    Lack of legal awareness
    Harrassment at work
    Not aware about government programs
    So I think our society become together and empowering women in our country.

    • Yogesh chahar, Oct 9, 2019 @ 8:54 pm Reply

      Well bro it is very simple language

    • anurag, Oct 21, 2019 @ 12:59 pm Reply

      Education is the right women can be empower.

  • Durgesh Kumar Yadav, Aug 9, 2018 @ 7:28 pm Reply

    Recent report pointed out by World Economic Forum that if women participate in mainstream workforce of India, GDP boost will be 27%. It provides grounds for more and more involvement of women. A country like India can harness tremendous benefit out of this human resource. However, it needs a concerted effort such as making policies more women centric and safety of women at workplace should be of utmost priority. India also has huge demographic dividend in this regard which is underutilized. Large section of youths are wasting their energy preparing for government exams but the question is, how many of them are getting selected?
    Seats are limited and applications are disproportionate, which leads to wastage of precious time, money,struggle and of course mental stability goes down with every passing year. Instead of being national asset, end up being burden. This can only be harnessed by equipping them with industry requirement rather than imposing theory which becomes redundant at later stage. Vocational and multi-disciplinary courses may suffice on that front. A bit deviation from the topic but a genuine job problem, which further hinders women empowerment–if jobs itself are not available then how can we empower them at all!

    • Sravan kumar, Aug 19, 2018 @ 10:43 pm Reply

      Hats off to your knowledge bhai!

  • Yug Pratik, Jun 22, 2018 @ 10:03 am Reply

    Although the country has traced a fair distance in the field of empowering its women and their dignity, there’s still a long way to go. Many schemes, acts etc. have been introduced so far but not implemented properly and, that is the biggest challenge!!
    The idea of feminism should emerge from the very grass-root level. Still in many parts of our country, women are unaware of their rights, their potential and their importance in the society.Besides the family members and the society, the women themselves are unable to gather interest or courage to make a bold move. Instead they carry on with the age-old idea of women being subdued part of the society.
    Women should be made to realise their worth and, should be encouraged to take stands for self-development. Before seeking any further change, woman herself should change.

  • Chetan Prakash, Jun 1, 2018 @ 2:34 pm Reply

    According to me there are so many women, who are silently baring the harassment of their life partners because of the lack of education, lack of legal awareness and lack of empowerment.

  • Gaurav pal, May 26, 2018 @ 12:37 pm Reply

    According to my point of view, our society can’t grow without women ,can you imagine that if there were no women in the world then we were not here .woman can do everything in any area of work even they are not physically stronger than the man. you know woman make two houses. We should respect women and also give them priority.

    Do you know the Indian girls won many medals in Olympics compared to men.

    There are two wings of a bird without any wing bird can’t fly,even if a wing is weak compared to other one, bird can’t fly. so if both wings is stronger and equal then bird can only fly.

    Women has more burden compared to men they do double work professionally and personally. Without woman equivalent society will not move forward.
    So please respect women.

    Thank you.

    • Team GD Ideas, May 28, 2018 @ 7:29 pm Reply

      Indeed! All genders should be treated equally.

  • sandip sinha, May 1, 2018 @ 11:46 am Reply

    women empowerment :-

    Since independence India is struggling to create an encouraging workplace for women.
    As per report India is far behind from European countries.According to me,women empowerment would not be possible unless to create an safe ,challenging and encouraging workplace for women.
    All the schemes taken by the govt must come to reality all over the country.
    But the most important point is we should not suppress our girl-child from better education,rights and from all other aspects of patriarchal society.

  • Tinku paul, Apr 14, 2018 @ 6:58 am Reply

    According to me women means power ,they have lot of energy , they are able to manage everything . They have two hands but they work like Goddess Ma-Durga.They play dual role in their professional life and personal life,they always balance.Women every where in Government organisation as well as corporate sector ,army ,navy border security forces. Inspite of that women they are not physically compete with man I e we get news everyday rape , murder is going in our society so self defence is very essential. According to me all the school authorities should arrange for training of women for their self defence.Then women will be physically strong and Govt.should impose strict rules those people involve in the bad activities they should be hanged then they will think twice to do any wrong .We celebrate international women’s Day that day many organisations gives respect to the woman this is enough always should gives respect to women otherwise society cannot develop.

  • Md Dilnawaz, Feb 23, 2018 @ 2:04 am Reply

    My point of view is the women is important part of society and her empowerment is must of development in developed countries every member of society is in equal position but we need to empower people who are not receiving equal treatment

    • Chetan Prakash, Jun 1, 2018 @ 8:39 am Reply

      good thought bhai

  • Rahul sharma, Feb 2, 2018 @ 9:17 pm Reply

    In my viewpoint, first of all we should have to give good education’s to every girl of our nation and also stop the technique of sex determination. we have to give equal opportunities to girls.

  • Rajesh, Jan 16, 2018 @ 7:56 am Reply

    I like to add one more point if we educate the women that is beneficial for whole family and society

  • Shubhy Thapa, Dec 11, 2017 @ 12:26 am Reply

    Great help

  • narendra yadav, Nov 28, 2017 @ 10:21 am Reply

    Because of some uncivilized, uneducated males not all ….

  • srivalli, Nov 26, 2017 @ 7:37 pm Reply

    because of the attitude of males in the society

  • narendra yadav, Nov 22, 2017 @ 8:49 am Reply

    I think the main cause of the girls are not able to get proper education because in rural areas there are lack of good school and colleges as well some parents are also have fear to send their daughter in other place like hostels for higher studies because there are no security for girls in our society. we have a lot of cases of girls harassment and rape cases which created fear to parents or guardians to send there children in other good place to getting higher education . so this is the root cause of women are not empowered .

    • Team GD Ideas, Nov 22, 2017 @ 8:53 am Reply

      yes! It is one of the main reasons why many girl children are restricted to homes.

  • Shivani, Nov 8, 2017 @ 1:38 am Reply

    I think we should remove gender discrimination out of purvue of nation. Everyone to be treated same, no biasness to be entertained at any cause(whether at that moment whether that could be he/she).

    • Team GD Ideas, Nov 8, 2017 @ 7:44 am Reply

      That’s a progressive thought! But sometimes we really need positive discrimination like reservation for women in colleges and in politics etc. to attain equal status for men and women.

  • Kritesh Chandra, Nov 6, 2017 @ 7:14 pm Reply

    its . …….very useful…

    …..it really helped me ..?

    • Team GD Ideas, Nov 6, 2017 @ 7:24 pm Reply

      Glad it was helpful!

  • sudhanshu, Oct 27, 2017 @ 7:22 pm Reply

    According to ur point of view, where women should be allowed to work till late night is absolutely correct. There is law established by government for the same. Any organization which has more than 8 employee should have a complaint and welfare comittee within the organization who will be solely responsible for the security of the women employee.

  • Rajkumar Suman, Sep 30, 2017 @ 3:21 am Reply

    I believe that Girls are second to none. If girls are given proper education than they can lead the society, state, nation or the world. Women are considered the pillars of the society and play the roles of mother, wife, sister & daughter.If we, the people give the equal chance them then then can beat even men also in every field like medical, management, engineering, analyst, research & development etc. The only problem is with the our society.Their mindsets are different , some places are such as women aren’t given entry to the temple in her period time , they have to veil in front of father in law, can’t work due to she is female? these are the questions that people have to change their mindsets with the increasing generation . Now we live in the technology generation and it doesn’t require any orthodoxy traditions. Therefore, let bygones be bygones and move towards new step i.e. to increase general awareness about laws and legal acts to improve the condition of women . By self realizing and self employed female can help in greater economy of the nation. With the mix of these two powers the nation will be called Developed Country actually.

  • Pankaj, Sep 10, 2017 @ 9:44 pm Reply

    I think doing this will lead to increase in the tension of parents. Not all parents are same. It was one incidence and not applicable on all. Doing such thing will lead to insult of god like parents.

  • Roohi Kukreja, Jul 24, 2017 @ 3:35 pm Reply

    This is about the recent case took place in Haryana (Sirsa). A girl child of 4 was brutally hit by her grandmother. The heartless grandma burnt her private area just because she was a girl child not the boy. She was youngest of the 3 sisters. She was rescued by the child protection committee & was admitted to hospital for treatment.

    I want to share an idea with Govt. that whenever a child takes birth (especially a girl child), it should be a law that her parents/guardians give her health/life welfare/her well being report on quarterly/half yearly basis to the Govt. or any NGO atleast till the age of 15.

    If by chance any tragedy happens with the child, the guardians should have a clear proof about it and it should be their duty to inform the related NGO or Govt.

    This is just an idea. I want this to reach the higher authorities.

  • Aastha, May 5, 2017 @ 12:34 am Reply

    This is really very awesome information that u give me.. It is really useful for my presentation. . Thank u so much..:)

  • umeshpawa, Mar 8, 2017 @ 6:55 pm Reply

    This covered all aspects regarding to topic.
    One more thing which we can do is respect of women in society and stopping humiliations.

  • deepa, Mar 8, 2017 @ 10:13 am Reply

    this is really a awesome information that u have given me it was really useful for my speech in the school. i was really very inspired by the information that u have given me.

  • Ali haider, Oct 18, 2016 @ 2:16 am Reply

    The most important issue that i want to highlight is that india is facing poverty and unemployment today the reason behind this issue is that we are not giving equal priorty to men and women.This is creating imbalance in the society.if men works till late night then women sholud also work.A bill should be passed to provide securtiy to women workers who works till late night.its somewhat like harnessing the power from two machines will leads to more amount of work completion.In the same way if we harness the power from WOMEN+MEN then it will help a lot by transforming india into a well developed country and free from poverty and unemployment.
    secondly,child marraige should be prohibited.we should give some platform to the under 18 girls to present their talent infront of the nation rather making them follow the child marraige law prepared by the society.

  • kewal sinha, Aug 8, 2016 @ 9:35 am Reply

    It is widely accepted that cinema and silver screen do impact mindset a big time. I think women must not be portrayed weak on screen. To empower them we must portray them powerful. This will create a sense of power and confidence in women. Then they may overcome their fear.

  • mohit maithani, Feb 9, 2016 @ 9:13 pm Reply

    Without women we cannot expect a fully welfared country.we should put some effort in legal awareness.men and women should given equal opportunities in every field of this world.women should not bare the harassment silently by his life partner instead of that they should report it to the police station.

  • Sowmya, Feb 8, 2016 @ 8:23 pm Reply

    Its educational nd it helped in my preparation of my debate.

  • venkatesh, Dec 29, 2015 @ 2:04 pm Reply

    maa thuje salam………..

    maa jai ho…………..

  • Amit Lakhaani, Jan 12, 2015 @ 11:00 am Reply

    Great information shared!

    We at PRADAN believe that women are the most important and central part of any society/community.

    The Gender Equality project is a pilot that PRADAN is implementing in nine project locations with 80,000 women. The Gender Equality project aspires for larger social and political empowerment led by women.We also begin our engagement in most new villages by promoting women’s Self-Help Groups (SHGs). The SHGs start out as thrift and credit associations of poor women who share similar social and economic contexts. PRADAN helps SHG members decide the rules of business and pool their savings for small loans, and trains them in playing a “public” role while giving them the experience of working together.

    Please visit http://www.pradan.net for more information

  • Nancy Nancy, Nov 26, 2014 @ 5:10 am Reply

    It is very use full information for me.thank you.

  • divya nomula, Oct 10, 2014 @ 4:06 pm Reply

    Thank u for ur valuable information,it was awesome

  • GOURAV KULKARNI, Jan 22, 2014 @ 9:38 pm Reply

    I likes a conclusion very much. It is very nice topic to discuss.

  • suryapratap singh, Sep 28, 2013 @ 2:55 am Reply

    Thanks for this super information

  • prem kumar, Sep 17, 2013 @ 2:28 pm Reply


  • Murli, Aug 6, 2013 @ 5:24 am Reply

    Really i got the great information by this, Thanks

  • jayanthi .n, Apr 16, 2013 @ 3:38 pm Reply

    women have all rights ,no one can order to us

  • buddy man, Feb 16, 2013 @ 2:16 pm Reply

    this is great information provided here
    think we should discuss on topic"should we give beggary to baggers or not if not why and if we should why?"

  • Unknown, Jul 17, 2012 @ 2:46 pm Reply

    Thank you for sharing this information. Women empowerment in India is a long chased dream, but not an impossible one. There are many women who have not only fought for themselves but also for others. Some have been silenced forever, some have been made prisoners in their own abodes while some have been able to break the shackles. Hats off to them for fighting it out in this male dominated society. Vivel Active Fair has come up with a unique award called the Choo Lo Aasmaan award for women like this. If you know of anyone please do nominate her for the award at: https://www.facebook.com/itcvivel.

    • aarti, Apr 28, 2024 @ 10:33 pm Reply


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