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Youth empowerment is necessary for any country’s development. According to you what should India focus on, for Youth empowerment?
1) Skill development
2) Creating more government jobs
3) Startups


Creating more government jobs :- According to various reports over 20 lakh central and state government posts are lying vacant. Government should address the huge unemployment by filling those vacancies, as having a stable job truly empowers a person. But government jobs should be created as per the requirements and not just for the sake of employment and empowering youth because then it will have to pay more and more salaries which will be a burden on Consolidated fund of India.


Start-ups :- Presently Indian market is best suited for start-ups and as of now government has nothing more to do in this field apart from ensuring easier credit availability and avoiding red tapism. After introducing ‘Insolvency &Bankruptcy Code’, simpler ways for creditors to initiate bankruptcy proceedings have come up which promotes risk taking and start-up culture. Start-ups are already a trend amongst the Indian youth and they are already motivated. Once the skill development part is taken care of start-ups are naturally going to increase


Skill development :- According to NASSCOM, 80% of India’s graduates are unemployable. This issue must be taken seriously as we have the highest youth population and if it is not competent enough it will become a burden on us rather than resource. All the other factors are external but once some skill is acquired it will be handy throughout our lives. With the possessed skill if one is creative, curious and inspired enough apart from being a private employee he can do freelancing, secure a government job, become an entrepreneur etc. As of now India needs employment generators rather than employees. Skill India initiative by the government failed and needs to be back on track as soon as possible.

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Conclusion :-

Without wasting anytime government should focus on skill development to make the optimum use of our biggest asset i.e. human resource else it may soon turn into a fatal liability.

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  • Tinku paul, Apr 24, 2019 @ 7:21 am Reply

    According to me youth build the nation. Youth empowerment is very essential for any country’s development. We know Central Government scheme Sarva Shiksha abhiyan and make in India , startup India. First of all everyone has to take their education, without education young generation they will not be able stand their own feet . still many youths are there after graduation they are employed. In the Government sector lots of vacancies lying vacant there is no recruitment. If young people don’t get job they will be depressed. Government has to set up more skill development centres, where young people can take training and they can start their own business. Bank can help them to give the loan. We know many self help groups are there. Atleast they have to get the job. Without job they will not be able to earn the money and without money they will not get financial stability .As long as they will not financially stable youth empowerment is not possible. So Government has to create more and more job vacancies. Government has to take care of standard of education. Without education and job vacancy youth empowerment is not possible.

  • Simran preet singh, Apr 22, 2019 @ 3:53 pm Reply

    1.In my view universities and colleges under universities should have autonomy to introduce different courses like 1photography2 cooking 3 mechanic will inculcate skill and create job opportunities also.
    2.start up program has to encourage bcz it can generate employment by the on who is seeking employment will be generated automatically

  • Aditi Kumari, Apr 21, 2019 @ 6:23 pm Reply

    As we know that our new generation plays a very important role towards our country’s development. So according to my point of view.India should needed to more focus on skill development for youth empowerment. Indian government concern on education system of our country because education is the only way for become our country developed . They should more focus on students skills based on practical learning , creative learning, rather than theory classes. Government should legalised in all the institutions to provide practical learning to the students which increases their way to thinking , their mindset and their creativity and skills which leads to further development in our country. Our country is still developing because intilization is not better as like other country. When the students do practical in groups rather than competing each others in theory based learning then their leadership qualities will increase which makes them to work in a team, then workforce will be increases and then youth empowerment increases which leads our country and workforce will helps India to tackle any situation. That’s all thanks……

  • Dushyant Gupta, Apr 20, 2019 @ 8:58 pm Reply

    I think young generation people are go for politics. Because they are very well known about what is happening in the country. So they can change the system accordingly and a young one has more ideas how to develop the country then the older ones.

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