USA is a major influencer when it comes to international matters. But with the ‘America First’ policy not only the rest of the world but USA itself will suffer in the long run. We have seen decades of economic growth and relative stability with global interdependencies and rule based relations. In the times when we are dealing with situations whose impacts are not restrained to the borders itself like international terrorism, nuclear proliferation, migration, pandemics, climate change etc., and all of these are the part and parcel of globalization, we need to work together keeping aside rivalries and differences.

Unfortunately, Trump administration seems to have developed animosity toward multilateralism.  Trump administration has been enjoying instant gratifications without keeping in mind the side effects in the long term. Under the following heads we shall see how the ‘America first’ policy apart from alienating USA is changing the geopolitical dynamics:

  • Climate Change :- Denying the reports of climate change, USA has pulled itself out from the Paris Agreement. Climate change is a threat to whole humanity and in a project where USA could have led the way and helped the developing and under developed countries as well, with the sort of money and technological infrastructure and minds it has. But USA selfishly pulled out of the agreement stating that “The Paris accord will undermine (the U.S.) economy,” and “puts (the U.S.) at a permanent disadvantage.”
  • Economy :- In October 2018, the International Monetary Fund has cut its global growth forecast for this year and next by 0.2 percentage points to 3.7%.  Reasons are mostly Trump’s policies. The US president has pursued two flagship economic policies since becoming president. One was a mammoth tax cut, which could push his country’s budget deficit to its highest point since 2012. The second is an outwardly aggressive trade policy, including steep tariffs against China and the reworking of agreements with long-standing partners such as Mexico, Canada and the EU. Planned tariffs are definitely going to backfire as in this era of globalization and integrated supply chain will make all the countries in their respective regions to suffer from trade war.
  • Defence & Security :- With his across-the-board military escalations, blank check to impulsive U.S. partners, hostility to the Iran nuclear deal, supporting the extreme rightist regime in Israel and disinterest in peacemaking, President Trump is making the Middle East less stable and increasing the risks of conflict.
  • Social Aspects :- Imposing travel bans on certain countries, banning LGBTs, demonizing immigrants, African Americans, Mexicans and publicly stoking hatred are against moral and even American values.
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Conclusion :-

In the name of ‘America First’ policy, Trump has done huge disservice to America and to the world. If America wants to continue being at the centre stage on all international forums, it should take a detour from it’s present course as soon as possible. A leader should take care of all those in need, without disrespecting anyone and apart from keeping it’s interest in mind should take initiatives and work for the greater good. At this crucial time when humanity is at stake, USA should take and welcome proactive steps in the right directions, making ‘America Great Again’ in its truest terms.

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