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  • In January 2019, China ordered it’s army to prepare for war amid clashes between China & USA at South China sea. This intensified the debates about whether World war 3 is going to happen or not.

Let’s analyse the scope of major issues that have the probability of causing world war 3.

Natural resources :-

  • Wars and natural resources have a long common history. There are many wars fought in the world due to natural resources. And it cannot be ruled out that they cause World War 3. Oil, water, land & minerals can cause wars in future.
  • There are many territorial disputes among countries in different parts of the world. For example, Kashmir is a big issue in between India & Pakistan. James Shoal is a cause of conflict between China & Malaysia. These territorial disputes have the potential to cause war, and the allies of both countries may side with them which may lead to another world war.
  • Seas are also causing conflicts among countries. For example, several states are fighting to keep South China sea as international waters. USA is conducting “Freedom of navigation” operation in South China Sea, which is causing tension between China & USA. China recently ordered its army to prepare for war amid South China sea conflict.
  • Developed and developing countries often fight among themselves for the minerals and metals in underdeveloped countries. Through neo-colonialism, they try to get hold of metals and minerals of underdeveloped countries.
  • Oil is one of the major issues among nations. There are several conflicts on this issue. For example, recently Iran threatened to cut off entire oil supply to USA amid it’s sanctions on Iran.
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Political reasons :-

  • Until recently tensions between USA and North Korea was a cause of concern because both nations threatened each other with their reserve of nuclear weapons. Political issues may easily turn into wars.
  • At present there are conflicts among two of the biggest powers in the world – China & USA. Trade wars and conflicts at South China sea may escalate into war.
  • Alliances among countries are on the rise creating multi-polar world. World war 2 has proved that multi polar world is at the threat of World war.
  • Issues like Russia Ukraine conflict & Israel Palestinian conflict can also turned into war, because both sides are supported by different countries and hence the war can become another world war.
  • Big powers of the world is increasing their military capacity and are investing on arms and nuclear weapons to prepare themselves if in case war breaks out.

Terrorism :-

  • One of the main causes of Terrorism is perceived negligence of some communities. This is a big threat to world and has the potential to cause world war. But in this war, ideally all nations will be united in the fight against Terrorist elements.
  • In another perspective, some countries are blaming some other countries of funding terrorists. For example, recently Donald Trump accused Pakistan & Afghanistan of support to terrorism, whereas other countries are accusing USA of funding terrorism. These kind of blame games may also lead to war among nations.

Conclusion :-

On one side, many people are working towards establishing peace in the world. On another side, some leaders are creating conflicts among countries. If world war 3 happens, entire human race may be wiped out, because of the technologically advanced weapons and nuclear arms. To avoid this from happening, all nations should work towards reviving peace in the world through negotiations and understanding. There is a need of more diplomatic leaders in the world. If third world war happens, lack of diplomatic leaders will be the possible reason behind it.

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  • maniaknta, Feb 2, 2019 @ 8:47 am Reply

    nothing will be happened until both usa and china presidents changed.but kim is going to be in apex position for the lifetime. this may leave bad relationships. hope Indian origin kamala haris will win USA elections, and bring peace…

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