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  • Technology is making our lives easier. Due to new technological innovations living standards have improved significantly.
  • Technology is making our society inclusive. Many senior citizens, people with special needs are also able to live independently due to new technological innovations. So, we can say that our society is moving in the right direction with the progress in technology.


  • Now there are more threats to privacy. More and more technological tools are being created to hack and steal personal data. Cybercrimes are one of the major issues of modern times.
  • Cyberattacks have become a common phenomenon. Due to heavy dependence on technology, we are now more vulnerable to financial scams. This makes us wonder whether technology is headed in the right direction.
  • Technology is being used to topple governments and also to cause losses to countries.


Even though there are some threats of technology to humanity, overall technology progress is headed in the right direction by improving our living standards.

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