Role of UN in Peace keeping.



  • The United Nations is an international Non-governmental organization founded on 24 October 1945 after the Second World War by 51 countries committed to maintaining international peace and security, developing friendly relations among nations and promoting social progress, better living standards and human rights.
  • Peacekeeping is one among a range of activities undertaken by the United Nations to maintain international peace and security throughout the world. It began in 1948 and led by the ‘Department of Peacekeeping Operations’ (DPKO), and works to create the conditions for lasting peace in a country, torn by conflict.
  • It has participated in 64 peacekeeping missions in total, around the world.
  • The UN played a role in bringing about independence in more than 80 countries that are now sovereign nations.
  • As of 28 February 2011, UN workforce consisted of

    • 84,342 serving troops and military observers.
    • 14,521 police personnel.
    • 114 countries contributed military and police personnel.
    • Over 5,500 international civilian personnel.
    • Nearly 13,700 local civilian staff.
    • 2,387 UN Volunteers.
  • The UN does not have its own military force. It depends on contributions from Member States (192).
  • There are currently 15 UN peace operations deployed in four continents.
  • There are more than 10,000 peacekeepers. Among them 118 are Indians.
  • In addition to maintaining peace and security, peacekeepers are increasingly charged with assisting in political processes, reforming judicial systems, training law enforcement and police forces, disarming and reintegrating former combatants, supporting the return of internally displaced persons and refugees. 
  • Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish are the UN official languages.
  • However, UN is facing criticism regarding corruption and abuse and some other things.


                  UN has a great effect on international peace. But, there are some arguments regarding contribution of military forces from different countries. To change the world, it need to change itself too. It’s better if it has it’s own military force.

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  1. United Nations has an organization called UN Security Council that is responsible for peacekeeping. Five members of this team are permanent members while ten are chosen every 2 years. Peacemaking was introduces at the end of cold war and has undergone immense changes. It keeps evolving to meet the political demands as well.

    Whenever a problem arises, the UN tries to resolve it peacefully. in order to accomplish this, UN can:-

    -Call for more people and resources.

    -Reinforce their decisions.

    -Orders for sanctions which may include an arms embargo, trade and finance restrictions.

    -The main motive to have peacekeeping is help countries torn by conflict.

    -Peacemakers were never allowed to fight. They were supposed to enact in case of ceasefire.

    -In order to have peacekeeping, the council had a common pattern. This included drafting guidelines for a specific operation but exercised little actual direction over the operation.

    -Even though UN may be trying its best for peacekeeping, individual citizens are the most important key element peacekeeping.

    Peace can be brought everywhere as long as we want it to stay.

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