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Indian Business Schools – Are they really effective?

Positive Side :-
  • Top B-schools are sending their students to big companies for internships to provide them practical knowledge.
  • With increasing Internationalization, Indian B-Schools are improving a lot from the past few years.
  • Indian B-Schools prepare students for the corporate
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Is online piracy inevitable?

What is online piracy :-
  • Online piracy is the term used to describe the real time illegal downloading of copyrighted materials from the internet.
Pros of online piracy :-
  • We can get access to all the material for free. This
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Parliamentary System vs Presidential System

Background :-
  • In general, there are two types of democratic governments. They are ‘parliamentary form of government‘ and ‘presidential form of government‘.
  • To understand these types of government, first of all you need to know about three main organs of
Population Explosion
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Population explosion – boon or bane?

Boon :-
  • Population growth provides us with a more number of working population, which is needed nowadays for speed progress.
  • India’s population is termed as a young population as the average age of Indian population is around 25-26 years, which
mobile tower
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Mobile towers in residential areas – harmful or not?

  • Popularity of mobiles and wireless communication devices has resulted in easier life.
  • For the better network accessibility, number of mobile towers is hiking. With more number of towers in residential areas, questions on whether it is safe or not