How to prevent floods:

  • The rapid rise of concretized surfaces is resulting in flooding because there is not much chance for rainwater to get absorbed into the soil. Constructions should happen in a way that water will get absorbed into the soil and recharges the groundwater. This will mitigate the risk of flooding.
  • Trees absorb water. But rapid urbanization is resulting in the cutting off of more and more trees. This should be prevented.
  • Encroachment of wetlands, lakes and ponds should be prevented. They can absorb rainwater and can thus prevent the risk of flooding.
  • Water conservation pits should be made compulsory for every home. They can store rainwater and can mitigate the risk of floods.
  • Rooftop gardening should be encouraged to create more chances for water to get absorbed.
  • Footpaths, roads and parking lots should also be constructed in such a way that they can allow the water to go into the soil. Permeable paving should be encouraged.
  • Flood barriers should be constructed in flood-prone areas.
  • Extra care should be taken while assessing and allowing the business projects in flood-prone areas.


Even though floods come under natural disasters, most of the floods can be categorised as man-made disasters because poor planning of infrastructure is resulting in flooding. We have to take action to prevent such man-made floods.

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