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Blood is thicker than water

This is an old proverb which has deviated from its original meaning and now implicates that blood relations (family) are powerful than friendships or love relations. Now, this might be true for a certain number of people, but it is not true always. Naturally, our parents and siblings want to see us happy in our lives and they always try to think the best for ourselves. But from here only some of the problems start. Every person is different, they have their own likes and dislikes, own interests and they may be completely independent of that of their parents’. Let us discuss some of the scenarios here and then at the end we will discuss the original meaning of this proverb.

  • Different career choices: This is a very common happening in our society. Parents think of jobs that will pay well so that their child can lead a very happy and successful life. They think that it is in the best interest of their child and he/she will realize this later when they get settled. In some cases, they fail to understand the interests, aspirations of their child. The child may be more concerned about the journey than the destination. Boys are forced to follow a certain stream for their future, girls are at times not even allowed to go to high schools and colleges even when they are good at studies and want to study more. In some families, girls are forced in a marriage at a young age. Though the parents in both these cases will be very happy that their child is making a fortune or their daughter is happy with her own family. But the reality is that their souls are grieving. They are like a bird in a golden cage.
  • Different Sexual orientation: Parents usually think (and obviously want) that their child is attracted to the opposite sex (in orthodox families this attraction should take place only after the arranged marriage). But when they learn that their child has different sexual orientation, it hits them hard. They will be unable to accept it and start believing that the child is suffering from mental illness and in order to control their child’s so-called mental illness, they resort to some very unethical tortures too.

Let us now discuss the original meaning of the proverb :

The original saying was first used in the Bible as “Blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb.” Without going into intricacies, it simply means that bloodshed on the battlefield creates stronger ties than the water of the womb does, or family ties. And this proverb is 100% true. When one fights alongside someone, he/she trust him/her with their life. These are the kinds of bonds developed on the battlefield. One has seen some of the worst phases of life and shared them with another person. This develops a very high level of brotherhood and comradery. The bonds are so strong that they unhesitatingly sacrifice their lives for saving the lives of his brothers.

Conclusion :-

In all the 3 (2+1) cases people other from the family are the ones who understand the situations, are the least judgemental and are ready to help. Sadly. sometimes family members are the reason for suffering and one might be better off without them. And if anyone is the reason for any kind of toxicity in life or is detrimental to mental well being the person need to be removed from life even if they are family.

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