This is an old proverb that has deviated from its original meaning and now implicates that blood relations (family) are powerful than friendships or love relations. Now, this might be true for a certain number of people, but it is not true always. Naturally, our parents and siblings want to see us happy in our lives and they always try to think the best for ourselves. But from here only some of the problems start. Every person is different, they have their own likes and dislikes, own interests and they may be completely independent of that of their parents.

Let us now discuss the original meaning of the proverb:

The original saying was first used in the Bible as “Blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb.” Without going into intricacies, it simply means that bloodshed on the battlefield creates stronger ties than the water of the womb does, or family ties. And this proverb is 100% true. When one fights alongside someone, he/she trust him/her with their life. These are the kinds of bonds developed on the battlefield. One has seen some of the worst phases of life and shared them with another person. This develops a very high level of brotherhood and comradery. The bonds are so strong that they unhesitatingly sacrifice their lives for saving the lives of their brothers.

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