Points to speak on the topic – ‘One person can make a difference’:

  • There are so many real-life examples where one person made a difference. For example, Hungarian physician and scientist, Ignaz Semmelweis invented the concept of handwashing in the year 1847 to prevent the spread of diseases. It saved many lives, especially during the Covid pandemic. By refusing her seat to a white passenger in the year 1955, an American activist, Rosa Parks motivated people to launch the civil rights movement in the United States to abolish racial discrimination. She was honoured as the ‘first lady of civil rights’.
  • Even at a small level, one person can make a difference. Many people worldwide volunteer, and do charity activities to help others. That makes so much difference in the lives of people that received the help. People have the power to make the world a better place to live in even without a lot of money and power.
  • Small acts of kindness too can make a great difference. Kindness is contagious. So, one person’s kindness can create a ripple effect and can initiate a chain of kindness activities.
  • A teacher teaching good behaviour to students can make a difference in not just the lives of students but also in society.
  • Even if we do not help anyone, we can create a great impact on the people around us. For example, if one person follows an eco-friendly lifestyle, his/her friends and family members will think about adding at least a few eco-friendly practices into their lives.
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Throughout history, many people contributed to society individually, which makes us realize that one person can make a difference in society. Even if we do not have a lot of money or power, we can make a difference in the world by small acts of kindness.

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