What is One Rank One Pension :-

  • One Rank One Pension means ‘Retired soldier of the same rank and have same length of service will receive same pension irrespective of their date of retirement’.
  • Indra Gandhi led congress government in 1973 during Third pay commission terminated one rank one pension.
  • It was the long-awaited demand of military personnel and PM Narendra Modi led NDA government approved OROP in 2015.


  • One rank one pension benefit many retired soldiers and to wives of martyred.
  • Equal payment issued to soldiers irrespective of their retirement date. Earlier if a sepoy retired in 1996 was receiving 82% lower pension than the sepoy who retired in 2006.
  • It has created equity among the pensions of military personnel to that of civilian.
  • Now pensions will be increased automatically with every pay commission.
  • Increased pension is easing the life of old pensioner as the cost of living is getting higher with time.
  • Through implementing one rank one pension, government is standing with their soldiers.


  • The total cost of one rank one pension had put enormous pressure on the government treasury.
  • Since the pension is on the basis of rank, higher rank will be paid higher pension than the other ranks even though the cost of living is same.
  • More significance is given to rank, not to the number of years of service. It is not fair to those soldiers who rendered more service to the nation.
  • One rank one pension will put burden on government in near future as there might a chance government will pay more to pensioners than to the serving.
  • It may create similar demands in future by other serving personnel or citizens for increase in their pension. It will be hard for the government to handle public pressure and again it will create pressure on government budget.
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One rank one pension is the right of every serving and retired military personnel who are continuously risking their lives for our sake and for our nation. At times, this is the only source of income to martyred families. Government had understood this and one rank one pension is now implemented. Government is also working for their well-being through various schemes.

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  • Ashok Kumar, Jan 29, 2022 @ 8:57 am Reply


  • Anushri Godbole, Jan 10, 2021 @ 4:13 pm Reply

    Through one rank one pension scheme, government is trying to help soldiers ,military personnel,and families of martyred. The soldiers are sacrificing their happiness for the nation and doing their duty very well as they are brave enough to protect not only our nation but their family also. Government did well by providing pensions to them. Government may get overwhelmed by the pressure of giving pensions as it include a heavy money into it. But government should keep in mind that if they don’t do that then our nation may be in trouble afterwards.

  • Aritra Kumar Pal, May 5, 2020 @ 3:54 pm Reply

    Since the soldiers are responsible for the security of our country, they are sacrificing their families and risking their life to save the nation and the common people, they should get this benefit. Whatever the nation’s budget is, they deserve to get this.

  • Priya jain, May 3, 2020 @ 3:59 pm Reply

    I found so many grammetical mistakes in above essay. Can someone please correct them… as i m preparing for sbi po so i m finding contents for descriptive. Please help me..if you can. Thanks

  • G.c.khtarker, Mar 18, 2019 @ 9:50 pm Reply

    Dear sir I am GC khatarker ex l.m.e. from Indian Navy o.no. 103321y join July 1973 and retired in July 1983 after completion bound now I am running 65 year age born in 21-03-1954 till now I was working in private industries now I am not getting job due to age there is no source of income to feed my self and family I want to know that whether I can get pension to pass on my old age

  • Manjeet singh, Apr 23, 2018 @ 9:05 am Reply

    It was a long demand , modi govt made a nice move by approving OROP

  • Manjeet singh, Apr 23, 2018 @ 9:03 am Reply

    One rank one pesion was a long demand of the pensioners . It was a nice move by modi govt , it is benefitted for retired military persons and wives of martyred

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