• India is a member of both groupings – BRICS and Quad and is attending summits of both groupings. But China and Russia (members of BRICS) have openly criticized India’s participation in Quad while being a member of BRICS.

What is BRICS?

  • BRICS was formed in 2006 by Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa for cooperation in economic development.

What is Quad?

  • Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (Quad) was formed by India, the US, Japan and Australia in 2007, but was silent after 2008. It was reestablished in 2017. Quad countries have a shared interest in countering China’s aggression in the Indo-Pacific region.

BRICS vs Quad:

  • BRICS counters the western dominance of the international system. It is the voice of developing countries. It was established to cooperate for economic development. As these countries are the fastest-growing economies, BRICS nations are expected to become the most dominant economies by 2050. BRICS membership is important to maintain good bilateral relations with the member countries. Moreover, India and china share 3488 km of border, and BRICS is a medium through which we can engage in bilateral talks on border issues and other things. It is also a platform for India to engage in talks with India’s all-weather friend Russia.
  • All the Quad countries suffered due to China’s aggression. They have a shared interest in countering China’s aggression in the Indo-Pacific region and in promoting a free and open Indo-Pacific. Not just this, Quad countries discussed co-operating in fighting against covid-19, addressing climate change and many more pressing global issues. Moreover, China is indirectly supporting the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, whereas all the Quad countries are abiding by democratic spirit. China is expressing displeasure about India’s participation in Quad and its growing relations with the US. But in many issues such as India’s bid for a permanent seat in UNSC, cross-border terrorism issue with Pakistan, India’s opposition to China’s Belt & Road initiative, India got US backing. So, in the present times, the Quad is more important for India than BRICS.
  • Both BRICS and Quad are important for India. So, it is better to balance both.
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Both BRICS and Quad are important for India. So, the best way forward is to balance both. Being in both groupings helps India to play an incremental role in international affairs.

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  • Hitesh Burdak, Sep 19, 2021 @ 2:06 am Reply

    Both blocs are powerful and possess influence of their own kind, both have different aims to attain. BRICS support all its member countries in development and help in building the cooperation of member states in economy and commercial affairs but member countries does not engage in developing military synergy. On the other hand QUAD was initially formed to establish free and fair passage of trade through Indo-pacific region and counter Chinese influence in this region after it was instituted in 2008 it remained in active for much of the time and was revived by former US president Donald Trump’s effort, members of this group conduct military exercise which include respective navies of all member states hence this group is militarily active unlike BRICS. But we haven’t witnessed any steps relating security of Indo-Pacific. The first ever summit of Quad witnessed mainly commercial affairs and was far from countering the Asian Dragon.

    Chinese Assertiveness is testimony of Beijing’s military might and presence in Indian and Pacific ocean, and to counter that assertiveness QUAD and AUKUS will play the main role. China does have Spineless policies regarding world CCP never cares what scruple says but cares what feed its interests. China want to be the lone superpower of 21st century that’s why it is hurting American Interest and countering India by using Pakistan as Proxy. The BRI is helping China to gain strong foothold in South Asia as for example Pakistan and Sri Lanka are very much Chinese Overseas colony.

    As for comparison both the blocs cannot be on the same page as they are serving different goals. One is stark different from the other. As India is only country participating in both the groups, it is concerned of its own interest, to counter Chinese belligerence and at the same time to develop and see China EYE in EYE. So both Blocs are important for Indian Interests.

    After 2+2 dialog with Foreign Minister of Australia, minister of External Affairs S. Jaisankhar Publicly Announced while asked QUAD as ASIAN NATO ‘NATO was a successful group of bygone era and is not relevant in 21st century and Quad is the Future. These remarks made India’s stand conspicuous to the world ahead of 1st in-person summit of QUAD countries leaders in US on September 24. It will be expected that U.S. does not limit QUAD just to provide vaccines to South Asia and increase its military cooperation with member states and challenge Chinese hegemony in South China Sea.

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