Trial by Media – Pros:

  • With the rise of news gathering mobile apps along with traditional mediums such as news channels on TV, the internet, newspapers and radio broadcast, media has laid its web onto the minds of almost every citizen who comes in contact with such resources. This tremendous outreach makes people from every corner of this world aware of the events happening around the world and is regularly informing them of public matters.
  • The rich industrialists, corrupt ministers and other celebrities often escape from court trials by bribing the police officials who do not file FIR against them. The media exposes them and prevents their easy escape by showing the timeline and latest updates to the public. This can ensure a fair trial and justice for the victims.
  • Media plays a very crucial role in moulding the mindset of the present generation and does an incredible job in bringing the criminal on the hook. With the fear of being exposed and publicly shamed, everyone from the most powerful business tycoon to a normal college going teenager are now aware of their actions and the consequences of their actions. In a way, it curbs the number of crime cases happening every day. Media trials can act as a deterrent.

Trial by media – Cons:

  • In a few cases, the media play a vital role in instilling the victim in the minds of common people and authoritatively declaring someone as the criminal even before the investigation is over. This not only objects to the decision made by the justice committee but also crushes the reputation of the accused.
  • Different news channels have cut-throat competition amongst themselves in regard to which channel comes up with the best-cooked stories grabbing the attention of the audience and raising their TRP. As a result, they land up delivering wrong information at the cost of making it sound interesting.
  • It hampers the complete administration of courts and their decisions. Trial by media simply dominates and question the verdict of CBI teams and justice courts. People trust media and have faith in their separate investigations.
  • In some cases, legal proceedings against several newspapers and websites took place for providing biased information to the public, which can make them think that a particular person is the culprit. Biased information can cause trauma to the wrongly accused people.
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The primary problem lies in our constitutions which grants the right to media trials. The bad impact of trials conducted by media can be corrected by giving only limited information to the journalists that is sufficient enough to keep the people aware of the happenings around the globe. This would keep the accountability of investigating officials towards the public and also help criminal courts do their jobs with complete harmony and peace. Secondly, the criminal courts must ignore the media comments and should give verdicts based on the evidence.

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  • MKoester, May 18, 2020 @ 7:47 am Reply

    Why did the producers focus on only white males as the primary subjects? Bias coming from the producers engaging in exactly what stories they are placing on the tube.

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