In Favor :-

  • Donald Trump, the present President of USA banned refugees and immigrants from 7 Muslim countries. This is the biggest sign of growing Nationalism in United States of America.
  • Donald Trump won in presidential election of USA because he assured voters that under his rule USA citizens will get their jobs back, which they lost because of immigrants. His win revealed that people are preferring nationalism over globalization.
  • ‘Brexit’ happened because Britain wanted to protect their nation from increasing globalization.
  • Compulsion to stand while National Anthem is playing in Theaters of India, is revealing the growing nationalism in India.
  • Earlier, people used to criticize their nation freely. But now people who are criticizing their own nation is being labelled as “Anti-Nationalists” in India, even if there is a truth in their criticism.
  • Many countries are restricting goods from other countries, if they are a threat for their domestic industry.
  • There is a growing tendency to support domestic goods and companies. Many Indians are opposing the influx of Chinese goods into the country. Surprisingly there are protests in China against foreign goods and companies, especially of USA.
  • Increasing stateless persons and refugees are the best example for increasing Nationalism. No nation is happy to take in the refugees from war-torn countries.

Against :-

  • The importance for globalization will not be reduced, because no country can stay isolated for sure.
  • The movement of goods and people in between the countries is increasing and will going to increase in the nearby future.
  • Every country in the world is maintaining bilateral relations with one or more other countries.
  • Many immigrants found permanent residence in their destination country because of the openness of the world.
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Conclusion :-

Though the spirit of Nationalism is increasing, it is not a threat for Globalization. Nationalism is not a bad thing, because it creates a healthy competition among countries, which inturn benefits the whole world. But the real problem starts when nationalism turns into xenophobia, because it will not do any good for the country and for the world.

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  • rakesh, Nov 2, 2018 @ 11:18 am Reply

    Nationalism is good for the countries future.It makes the people stand in unity and make their country proud.It improves the countries growth towards other nations and build a strengthy position in the world.This not only increases the nationalism but also increases the oppurtunities for the people outside the country.

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