What is generation gap :-

  • Generation gap is a term referring to differences between younger generation and their elders. Especially it is the difference between parents and children regarding culture, fashion and dressing etc.

Reasons :-

  • The main reason is lack of communication and understanding.
  • Fast growing culture.
  • Gradual disappearance of joint family system.
  • People who got addicted to a particular life style find it very difficult to try a new life style.

Problems :-

  • Misunderstandings and arguments.
  • Taking sudden decisions such as leaving home, breaking relationships etc.

Solutions :-

  • Parents and children must spend some time together regularly and they should try to understand each other.
  • Proper guidance for children from elders.
  • In-spite of fast growing culture, children must try to understand their elder’s words as they already passed their age. And young generation must know that parents always make us go through the correct path.
  • Parents must try to understand that the present world is not same a sit is 20 years ago. They must give enough freedom to their children.
  • Joint families is also the solution. Because the relationship between children and their grandparents is very effective in bridging the generation gap.

Conclusion :-

Communicating and being friendly with each other, younger generation and their elders will not suffer from Generation gap.

Your Turn :-

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