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75% attendance is compulsory for all students in order to appear in final exams in all engineering colleges all across India. With the recent advent of technology, easy accessibility and numerous learning portals available online the relevance of such a rule has come under reconsideration by many.

Why the 75% rule was introduced in the colleges?

Unlike school, students in college have the freedom to choose whether to attend a class or not. With the new-found freedom that they have, students tend to misuse it. This plummets the overall attendance of the class. Without the 75% rule, students may not attend the classes at all. The students would suffer greatly in their academics without the guidance of their teachers. Also, due to the free time with them, they might indulge in destructive activities.

Relevance in Today’s scenario :-

While the reasons behind the introduction of the rule were benevolent, it has become a little redundant in recent times.

Learning opportunities are available online abundantly, sometimes even better & time-saving than what is taught in college classrooms. Due to improved internet connectivity, technology penetration and edu-tech entrepreneurs it has become very easy and effective to study online. The teachers/lecturers at college have been reduced to a mere role of guides for the students. Also, the quality of education has deteriorated seriously over the years. 15 lakh engineers graduate every year in India, out of this only 47% of engineers are employable. College curriculum is hardly providing the skills that are required to get employed. Students learn more through extra-curricular and co-curricular activities of the college. The 75% barrier gets reduced to drudgery for the students.

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Conclusion :-

In light of the information above, it can be concluded that the 75% attendance rule has become redundant. It is no longer a constructive part of the college curriculum. The Indian education system needs an overhaul to make the attendance rule relevant again or needs to do away with the rule in its entirety.

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