Background :-

  • The initiative of yoga in schools comes with the idea of promoting wellness, developing body-mind awareness and the ability to nurture the well being of the teachers and students. The attempt of making yoga as a compulsory curriculum in schools faced objections too.

Pros :-

  • Keeping a fit body and maintaining a headspace amidst the rat race in schools is highly required. Compulsory yoga in schools is the effective solution to this.
  • Yoga has a lot of benefits that will now be passed on to the school children for their own good. It will also provide a much needed break from the hectic and mechanic lifestyle of the children.
  • Additional teachers for the subject have to be recruited. Hence extra employment is to be made which will benefit some people looking for jobs.
  • In this tech swayed generation, different health issues arise among youngsters. Yoga will be a boon to many health problems like back pain, posture problems, eyesight problems etc.
  • Making yoga compulsory in schools will help the children to keep yoga in their daily routine since their young ages. This can turn out to be a habit later on which will be helpful to them.

Cons :-

  • There are objections from several religious bodies that compulsory yoga is a tactic to impose dominant culture on minorities.
  • Supreme Court has rejected a petition which stated to make yoga a compulsory subject in schools from classes 1 to 8 across the country. A Bench headed by Justice M.B. Lokur said it was for the government to take a decision. They also said that they had no right to decide what to teach in schools.
  • Compulsory yoga means an extra curriculum added in the already over-burdened syllabus structure of schools. This requires additional time, energy and efforts of the students which can be draining and tiresome for a few.
  • Yoga teachers that have to be recruited in schools in large numbers are difficult to find. There is already a shortage of primary and secondary teachers. And on top of that, a proper yoga teacher with required qualifications is hard to find.
  • An additional subject would also mean extra fees and expenses. This money has to be borne by the student’s guardian at the end of the day. Hence this might be troublesome for some parents having financial barriers.
  • Making a subject compulsory in school means imposing it forcefully on the child. The student might have some interest in any other curriculum. But he/she will get more occupied with the forced compulsory yoga. This ultimately will not be beneficial for the students that are not interested in yoga.
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Conclusion :-

People nowadays are over burdened and have a lot of stress on their minds to cope up with the fast moving world. Yoga can be a stress buster and a relaxation method for the over-occupied minds and a healthy exercise for the body. Furthermore, starting yoga from school level will help the students to have a clear mindset and a fit and flexible body too.

Afterwords :-

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