What is Biohacking:

  • Biohacking is the use of technology, lifestyle changes and science to improve health and productivity. For example, these days, many people are using smartwatches to measure steps and sleep. By checking these parameters, they can know how much more steps they need to take and whether they need to sleep more. So, with the help of these trackers, people can improve their health. This is a simple example of biohacking.
  • Biohacking is also being done using several other methods such as exercise optimization, intermittent fasting, meditation, taking vitamin supplements, nutrigenetics (studying genes through a blood test and prescribing diet accordingly) etc.
  • The Covid pandemic made people take care of themselves to be healthy and thereby the number of people who are trying biohacking methods is growing. The biohacking market is expected to grow at a rapid rate in the coming years.


  • Some methods of biohacking are harmless. For example, following a healthy diet does not have any side effects and will only be beneficial to our health.
  • Biohacking is not entirely a new concept. From ancient times, people used to follow a healthy diet, physical activities meditation to improve physical and mental health. Now with the help of technology, we can customize these things to suit individual requirements.
  • Biohacking can help us to reduce the risk of disease, to live longer and look younger.
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  • Some companies are making false claims to make money with the growing demand for biohacking. For example, vitamin supplements sold by a few companies are affecting health negatively.
  • It is better to follow these methods after consulting doctors. Because not every method is suitable for everyone. For example, Some people may be at risk from intermittent fasting.
  • Some biohacking methods do not have the support of scientific evidence. Hence following them can be dangerous.
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Biohacking is the use of technology, lifestyle changes and science to improve health and productivity. The growing interest in health after the Covid pandemic is leading to an increase in the biohacking market at a rapid rate. Several biohacking methods are harmless and will only be beneficial for health. But some methods do not have the support of scientific evidence. and hence we should be careful and need to take the advice of doctors before following them.

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