Books vs Movies:

  • When we read a story in a book, we imagine the characters, backgrounds and all the scenes. We can interpret them in our own way. Hence books help us in thinking creatively and spur the imagination, whereas movies do all the work of showing characters and scenes etc. So, mostly we just consume content.
  • When we are reading a book, we get involved in the story completely. But when we are watching the movie, we may get diverted by the appearances of characters or any other extra details.
  • In movies, characters speak normal daily usage sentences. But in general, in books, writers use rich vocabulary. So, by reading books, our vocabulary will be improved.
  • Books have the power to calm our minds. They can stop racing thoughts, reduce our stress and can give us peace of mind.
  • Some books are not that easy to understand. Whereas in movies, we can easily understand the story. Because we can watch the scenes and listen to the conversations, instead of just reading them.
  • We can multitask while watching movies. We can do house chores or any other works that don’t demand our concentration. But the same is not true for books. Books demand our complete attention.
  • We can watch movies along with friends and family, and it can turn out to spending a wonderful time with our loved ones. Books cannot give such experiences.
  • Books demand so much time. Some books take days to finish. But that story can be easily watched in a few hours in a movie.
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Books and movies both are different and entertains us in their own ways. Some prefer to watch movies over reading books. And some like to read the story. It all depends on personal preferences. Both mediums of storytelling give us knowledge, entertainment and sometimes just shows us reality.

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