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  • Absolute freedom of speech can harm people’s sentiments and emotions very easily. There’s always that one person in our group circle who bluntly comments on everybody and is hated by everyone. Absolute freedom of speech could encourage acts of social harassing, cyber bullying etc.
  • These days the internet has become a major source for people to easily post false information about any particular person or event which in turn results in the formation of the wrong mindset of all those who regularly follow social media websites like twitter and facebook. In recent reports, it was posted that vaccination causing autism in humans turned out to be a hoax.
  • People have been taking the wrong advantage of the luxury of expressing their opinions to the extent where they deliver hateful speeches, racist talks, brainwashing terrorist groups etc. With a little restriction, such practices could be controlled if not completely eradicated.
  • Freedom of speech is often misunderstood with the freedom to say anything to anybody. Humiliating comments and abusing anybody could lead to psychological setbacks and mental distress. This also leads to suicidal thoughts as the person is unable to cope up with constant nagging and negativity of the other person.


  • In this modern world, freedom of speech helps develop personal and life skills for any individual. Participating in discussions and expressing your own opinion makes one expressive about their thoughts. Such people can easily put forward their point can convince people very easily and take good decisions in life.
  • It gives people right to raise their voice against any unfair practices which can happen anywhere and anytime. This uplifts a person’s self-confidence by letting them stand for themselves against powerful people and their hurtful practices.
  • Limitation on freedom of speech changes the entire point of even granting it as a right since it becomes next to impossible to draw that line between being rude and then expressing your opinion. Without free-flowing expression of words, no one can strongly agree with a decision and think of innovative ideas.
  • With great communication skills and expressive thought process, one individual person can easily influence a mass of people, leading them to unite and do something beneficial for the society. All the powerful leaders such as Narendra Modi, APJ Abdul Kalam, Mahatma Gandhi wouldn’t have achieved what they have achieved till now with great speeches and power of expression.
  • Media and journalists play a vital role in delivering the horrifying secrets of all the ministers and leaders of the world. Journalism is that one profession that delineates freedom of speech through media and television. They majorly influence a large chunk of the crowd making them aware of the mean society. With limitation, media would have to curb itself from delivering the proper and right information to its audience.
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“Freedom of speech is meaningless unless it means the freedom of the person who thinks differently!”, a famous statement rightly said by Rosa Luxemburg, a powerful German activist. Freedom of speech must be the basic right of each and every individual of this planet but can have reasonable restrictions and protocols. Like we always say that too much freedom could be easily misused in the name of law and many such cases are witnessed every day. We all must be mindful of every statement passed by us in a way that it doesn’t harm the sentiments of anyone. If used for the betterment of this society, this could instil brotherhood amongst people and bring us even closer.

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