Yes :-

  • Redundancy and Automation is continuously replacing human labour.
  • If any business depends heavily on human labour, it tends to fail as it cannot cope up with the competition from the technologically advanced competitors.
  • Several kinds of jobs are increasingly getting replaced by technology. As per the reports, there is a significant drop in the typists, weavers, construction workers etc.
  • Low-skilled workers are the worst hit.

No :-

  • Technology is not causing unemployment. It is just shifting human labour towards different kinds of jobs.
  • Though it is taking away some jobs, it is creating more jobs day by day. The net employment opportunities are positive.
  • With the advancement in technology, people no longer need to do repetitive tasks, and hence more creative companies have born, giving employment to many.
  • Research by an English based Deloitte Consultancy analysed employment trends for the past 140 years and reported that Technology created more jobs than it took away.
  • There was a misconception at the time of industrial revolution that machines replaces human labour and hence creates unemployment. Contrary to that, machines caused opening of many industries and more employment opportunities.
  • The technological advancements are not fully tapped yet. Once technology is utilized to the full extent, more employment opportunities will be created.

Conclusion :-

Technology made our lives easier and is indeed creating newer kinds of jobs. It is inevitable that we should adapt to change and upgrade our skills to mould ourselves into newer types of jobs.

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