Should Rapists be tortured?


In Favor :-

  • Harassing people violently deserves barbaric punishments. Victims should have the right to take revenge for their suffering.
  • Torture can act as a deterrent. Rapists will be afraid of the consequences before committing the crime. This will reduce the number of crimes.
  • Criminal will feel the pain of the victim, if he is subjected to the same kind of harassment. Thereby, he may not commit the crime again in his life.

Against :-

  • Throughout India, many false rape cases are being registered these days. Torturing all of the accused persons causes torture to innocent persons too.
  • We are living in a civilized society. World is preferring humane ways to deal with everyone including criminals. We should not stoop to the criminal’s level by torturing him/her in inhumane ways.
  • The aim of prisons is to reform the criminals. By torturing him, we’ll have no chance to reform the person, instead the criminal may become more dangerous once he is out of jail.

Situation in India :-

  • Till 2013, punishment for rape was just seven years.
  • With the introduction of ‘Anti-rape law‘ in 2013, punishment for rape is extended to life imprisonment and even death sentence in the cases of heinous crimes.
  • Conviction rate for rape is very low in India even after the Nirbhaya incident. This is because of the many loopholes in India’s judicial system. Another reason is that Indian judiciary’s stance is that “no innocent person should be punished“.

Conclusion :-

Our justice system is still imperfect. There are many cases, where innocent persons are suffering in prisons for the crimes they have not committed, and the real criminals are escaping the judicial system. In this situation, we cannot outright torture the accused.

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However, if the accused is the real culprit, he/she deserves harsher punishments. Rapists are non-reformable in general. Murderers can more likely be reformed than rapists. As we are living in a civilized society, laws and intellectuals do not agree for barbaric punishments. So, imposing life sentence can serve the purpose of protecting society from the dangerous criminals.

Afterwords :- Do you think rapists should be tortured? Express your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. Once the individual is confirmed as accused
    First thing we must to study them psychologically (know how they feel before committing the crime, their thought processs,lifestyle and kinds of habits which influenced them to commit).
    Later victim/victims families must be given freedom to chooses whether to torture them /kill them/forgive………

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