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  • Artificial intelligence is automating several jobs in all sectors, especially low-skilled jobs. Digitalization too made some jobs redundant. So, a lot of low-wage workers will become jobless. There is a need to reskill them to keep them employed.
  • New technologies such as blockchain, the internet of things have so much potential to create plenty of employment opportunities.
  • The jobs of the future are already here, but it’s just that they are not accessible for all. There is a need to bridge the skills gap. Otherwise, rich-poor inequalities will increase at a rapid rate.
  • Unlike before, the jobs of the future demands continuous upskilling.
  • New job opportunities will be created for the new requirements. Examples – Cybersecurity jobs, food deliveries etc.
  • Due to pandemic, remote work opportunities increased at a rapid rate. It is expected that there will be a huge increase in the number of work from home opportunities. This will improve job accessibility.
  • As many workers are now fighting towards the exploitation of workers and for humane work culture, it is expected that the future of work will be more humane. Most of the companies will follow ethical practices such as minimum wage rules, ethical work hours etc.
  • Gig work will replace many traditional jobs.
  • Future companies will be more customer-centric. Customer happiness will be integral to the success of the company.


The future of work demands upskilling and reskilling of many workers. It is important to train low-skilled and unskilled people to prevent them from becoming jobless. It is expected that the future of work is going to be more humane and ethical.

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