Food or Ethics?

food or ethics

Points to speak:

  • Following ethics results in having peace of mind and true happiness. We can sleep happily when we are sure that we didn’t commit a mistake.
  • But sometimes, following ethics is expensive because not everyone can afford it. For people, who are starving, food is more important than ethics. We need food to survive, whereas when the stomach is full, we think about ethics.
  • People consume non-vegetarian food for proteins. Not everyone can afford protein-rich vegan food. So, that will become ethics vs malnutrition.
  • Food in this topic can also be interpreted as a business because many people run businesses to feed themselves and their families. Many business owners make unethical choices in some issues such as impacting the environment, prioritizing profit over-delivering quality products etc. But many do it to survive and to prevent the closure of their business.
  • But prioritizing food for the sake of survival does not justify crimes.
  • The ones who follow ethics will have success and peace of mind in the long term.


Overall, we can say that ethics is more important than food. But that can vary depending on the situation. When a person is starving, ethics is the last thing on his/her mind. All he/she thinks about is finding food to eat.

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  1. Ethics must be considered only after a person’s basic needs are fulfilled after all it is survival of the fittest, whether a person eats non-veg or veg its up to him, but as long as a ethical alternative is present one must go for it.

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