Points to speak on the topic – “If aliens land on earth”:

  • If aliens came to earth, our first response would be to find out why they came here. We may not be able to understand what they say immediately because we don’t know their language. So, we can start a conversation by showing them the things that they know such as stars, planets, galaxies etc. And then we can try to decode their language and can continue the conversation.
  • If they came to establish friendly relations, that will be a win-win situation. Knowledge and technology transfer can benefit both planets. But we should be careful and should not believe everything they say blindly. They may also have personality traits like humans such as greed, lying etc. For example, in the Avatar movie, humans go to the moon of the fictional planet for its minerals but do not tell them the truth initially.
  • If the aliens came here to take minerals from the earth, we may fight with them. But before that, we will analyse whether we can overpower them or not.
  • If they came to live on earth due to the bad condition of their planet, conflicts can arise. Whether we fight with them or not can also depend on whether they look like us or not.
  • Search for extraterrestrial intelligence‘ (SETI) institute is a non-profit research organization dedicated to searching for extraterrestrial life or alien life. ‘Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence’ (METI), a project of SETI sends signals into space hoping that they will reach aliens. It takes a few years for the message to be reached if there are any aliens near to us. And it will take a few more years to get a reply. METI project is controversial. A few scientists are of the opinion that if we don’t send interstellar messages, we will miss the opportunity to meet and establish friendly relations with aliens. But a few other scientists think that by sending messages, we are exposing the earth to danger.
  • NASA’s ‘James Webb telescope‘, which was launched in December 2021 to uncover the history of the universe may also be able to detect alien life based on the air pollution coming from their planets.
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If aliens land on earth, we can be benefitted by establishing friendly relations with them. Moreover, they too will be benefitted with knowledge and technology transfer. But if they come here for minerals or to settle, conflicts will arise.

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