The following are the words of Arlo Davis Guthrie, who is an American folk singer, known for singing songs of protest against social injustice and storytelling while performing songs. Being famous is not the same as being important. A lot of important people aren’t famous, and a lot of famous people aren’t important.”

Being famous or important are two ideas with a blurry line of difference. They are indispensable from each other and are a part of a successful personality. A successful person can be both famous and important simultaneously. While importance follows the idea of doing great things which have the potential to be beneficial, fame can be negative or positive.

It is generally understood that fame follows importance. But there is another way in which fame is perceived, which actually means just seeking public acceptance without considering if it is criticism or appreciation. On the other hand, an important person looks forward to being efficient, hardworking and committed towards his/ her goal. All of these factors eventually result in recognition and ultimately appreciative fame. History provides us amply with instances for this, like Narayan Murthy, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg and many more. These people are widely recognized for their immense contribution in their respective fields, but what is more fascinating is the values of simplicity that they have followed and preached despite being extremely famous.

Yet, to decide which one holds more significance is purely based on personality traits like genetics, self-esteem, life experience and most importantly personal perceptions about good and bad.

Being Famous:

A famous personality is one who has considerable prominence or a person who receives much acclaim and attention. But as discussed above it has two sides. “Fame doesn’t fulfil you. It warms you a bit, but that is temporary”- Marilyn Monroe

  • Fame is confused with success. For instance, criminals are famous while Helen Keller is successful.
  • Sometimes fame may not bring respect and power.
  • While a famous person has the ability to reach the masses, he/she is always in the public eye.
  • Famous people get criticism by the virtue of rumours even if they have done well for society.
  • Famous people hide their miseries and tend to keep up a cheerful smile always.
  • Fame puts a person in a position of accountability.
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Being Important:

As per, an important person is one whose actions and opinions strongly influence the course of events.“I want to be important by being different. And all these girls are the same” – Sylvia Plath

  • An important person has the ability to add value, by providing useful insights and suggestions.
  • An important person realizes the significance of good deeds and aims to preach and follow the same.
  • Importance gives a boost to a person’s confidence and hence enables him/her to aim for better things in life.
  • Important people are optimistic and hardworking despite all odds they have faced. Oprah Winfrey’s determination to keep working hard despite the atrocities she faced is a brilliant example of the same.
  • An important person attains fame due to his/her continued will to be excellent and yet grounded.
  • Important people have the ability to form opinions and present them without hurting anyone.


It can be concluded to being important or famous is based on personal opinion. While being important generally guarantees fame but sometimes famous people tend to get important by the virtue of the good work that they do. Thus this topic is subject to varied opinions and interests.

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  • Sakshi, Mar 26, 2019 @ 2:38 am Reply

    Well, I am of the perspective that each and every person is important. It is not the fame of the person that makes him important but the work he does. even the guy who collects trash in the morning is important. Because it is due to him that we have our neighborhood clean. While not all famous people are important. Even terrorists have been famous, but that does not mean that they are important.

  • Tinku Paul, Jan 24, 2019 @ 7:13 am Reply

    According to me famous people have lots of fan and follower but their ideology does not comes to our personal life. Many celebrities , actor and actress we like to see , when we hear they are coming in our nearby area some inauguration or social function we like to go and meet them but it’s impact doesn’t comes to our mind. But important people is always very important in our life their personal life , idea and concept it’s impact comes to our personal life. Like Swamiji’s ideology and concept it is very important in our life. We should obey. Even in modern world we have to obey his advice for our personal life.

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