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“Money can’t buy happiness, neither can poverty.”

  • When we do not have sufficient money for our basic needs, it is difficult to be happy while struggling hard to earn money to survive for the next month. When there is no need to work from paycheck to paycheck, there will be peace and peace can give us happiness.
  • Money can buy you time. For example, we can hire people to take care of daily house chores, and in turn can have more time to do the things we enjoy, in that way money brings happiness.
  • Having money enables us to spend on our loved ones, which will make us happy.
  • When we have more than enough money, we can donate the money to any cause and can take part in making the world a better place to live in. That can give us satisfaction in life and thereby happiness.
  • It’s all about the mindset. Even if someone is struggling to make ends meet, he/she can choose to be happy.
  • Having so much money doesn’t guarantee happiness. She/he may have personal problems or family issues or just a lack of peace. Happiness depends on so many things and not just money. So, money cannot give happiness.
  • Sometimes we have to sacrifice a few things like family time, personal time etc. to earn money. In such cases, if the things we sacrificed are much more important to us than money then we can say that money can also make us unhappy. It’s important to know how to balance work and personal life.
  • Money cannot make us happy if we keep on buying expensive things just to impress others and not because we wanted them. In such cases, we may run out of money and that causes a lot of stress. It’s more important to know about money management than to have plenty of money to have happiness. When we spend our money on things or people that matter to us, then money can make us happy.
  • If you are not happy with your job, that is giving you a decent salary, that money may not compensate for the happiness you get when you work on something you love. So, in this kind of cases, money doesn’t guarantee happiness.
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Ultimately we have to take steps to be happy whether we have money or not. And not just for happiness, we need to plan for financial stability so that we can have peace of mind, without which it will be very difficult to be happy. Up to a certain point, money can make us happy by supporting our lifestyle and buying the things we want. When we have so much more money than that level, money can’t decide our happiness levels.

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