• The government of India announced that 5G services will be launched in India by October 12, 2022, and further stated that the goal is to make services accessible to all areas of the nation within the next few years while also keeping them affordable.


  • The low latency of 5G will enable the inclusion of education in remote areas of India, where children will be able to access good quality education at home without any network lag between them and their favourite tutor.
  • Also, 5G will make it possible to use new age technologies like AR and VR for more immersive learning in schools and colleges.
  • 5G will vastly increase the number of networks that can be connected, handling up to a trillion Internet of Things terminals, which will enable machines and humans in a factory to communicate with each other seamlessly, making the business more efficient and reducing the possibility of error.
  • 5G in banking will bring much-needed financial inclusion to India’s rural and remote populations, for whom access to a physical bank is not possible.
  • With the help of 5G, payments will become simpler and faster, fueling further adoption of digital payments by customers and merchants.
  • The government will be able to improve its governance and give a boost to its digital India initiative, which aims to ensure the government’s services are made available to citizens electronically, making the country digitally empowered in the field of technology.
  • 5G can transform telemedicine services. It will become possible to provide healthcare services to rural and remote areas of our country. Patients will be able to connect virtually with doctors and other health care providers using telehealth technology, allowing them to receive assistance in their time of need.
  • Smart farming will be possible in agriculture for our farmers, who will be able to easily manage and track their livestock using smart sensors and GPS technology.
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  • According to the National Employability Report, only 3% of Indian engineers have skills related to AI, Machine Learning, etc. Due to the lack of skilled manpower, India may not be able to utilize the full potential of 5G technology and might even miss the opportunities of Industrial Revolution 4.0.
  • Due to lack of fibre infrastructure, India faces poor quality of service and call drop issues, which indicate the country’s low investment in fibre and backhaul infrastructure, which is used for getting data to a point from which it can be distributed over a network. Only 20% of towers in India are backhauled, compared with 80% in countries like the US, China, and Korea.
  • 5G may not be able to reach rural and remote places anytime soon, due to the lack of infrastructure for last mile connectivity. This will increase the digital divide between rural and urban India.
  • India lacks a unified broadband strategy for implementing 5G, which creates uncertainty about the proper use of 5G technology for future economic and technological advancement opportunities.
  • Many people in India are still not able to afford a 4G smartphone. With the rise in the cost of manufacturing smartphones, financial stress building up on the telecom sector and the recent crackdown on Chinese phone manufacturing companies, a new technology like 5G can take a long time to become affordable for ordinary people.
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Way Forward:

  • The government must focus on skill development so that we do not have to rely on foreign talent to properly implement 5G technology in India. A more qualified labour force with modern skills like AI and machine learning will also help in attracting investment to the fields of R&D, electronics, AI, and machine learning.
  • The government should focus more on making policies that give importance to fibre deployments to improve infrastructure and last mile connectivity for 5G in India.
  • 5G needs a proper strategy for its implementation in different sectors, otherwise all our hard work might be wasted without us utilizing the full potential of 5G technology.
  • To make 5G services affordable for all, the government should provide some assistance to the telecom sector and Indian phone manufacturers. This will aid in the widespread adoption of 5G in rural India.
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Implementation of 5G services can improve the standard of living. Effective steps should be taken to make sure the benefits are available to everyone, including the people living in the remote areas. Moreover, it is important to upskill the workforce to solve the issue of talent shortage.

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  • Unknown, Feb 19, 2023 @ 10:53 am Reply

    Iam agree with all the points and also I want to add something in my opinion if government introduce 5g network then the network speed increases and all the people will have to learn more than what they know present but all peoples are not able to buy these 5g networks and every coin have two sides like here also have pros and cons.
    Pros : using this 5g network people can learn more and gain so much of knowledge and they lead their life’s as a very good skilled worker and also each and every corner people can know what happening in their surroundings and throughout the world.
    Cons : now we are using 4g network it is lower than the 5g but so much of people’s are addicted to mobile games and they are not focusing on their future and now 5g network it is greater than 4g network, so many gaming market companies introduce more games which are more updated version as compare to 4g network games and radiation also increases its very harm to all living beings

  • Shlok Goel, Dec 6, 2022 @ 12:29 am Reply

    I would also like to add that before working on 5G they should work on making network available to each and every corner of India so that India can grow in international stages and also improve the standard of living of people. Government should take steps to improve or to make more skilled workforce in India as skilled workforce is very less and government should improve the quality of fibre or wire that are produced for these network and make sure that the quality check is done and making it available to all the places in the country.

  • Anonymous, Oct 18, 2022 @ 8:37 pm Reply

    I also like to add some point ,according to me though 5G have many advantages like advancement in technologies such as VR,AI and a great boost to digital india initiative there may be some disadvantages .Some of them are there will be generation of more e-waste since many people have a phone which is accesible to 4G they need to buy another 5G phone leaving it aside and I also like to add other point is that the family bonding will be a great question as 5G come to action many new games related to this network will come to market and this make a great addiction to the children and the conversation between the family members may be not upto the mark.

  • Surya, Oct 9, 2022 @ 4:18 pm Reply

    5G technology is going to revolutionize the automotive sector. With its very much less latency than 4G connection , autonomous cars going to race in Indian roads with more reliability. The fast data transfer will also going to be a boon for medical industry. Even if the rural areas are getting 5G later than cities they are going to be utilizing 5G for sure in the future. So that is not going to be a much problem to think about. 5G will also create new job opportunities. And also there is going to be rise in the graph of e-waste for sure !

  • sritam jena, Oct 9, 2022 @ 2:44 am Reply

    we have 3% of skilled people for Artificial intelligence & machine learning so maybe they will be not utilized the network properly, I believe that in a few years, many people will skill up their talents and they will properly utilize the 5g network in India better than today. for sure because of the 5g network, the online payment system will be simpler and faster & I believe that in a few years 5g network will reach rural & remote areas, and people, very soon. people can connect through a hassle-free 5g network and there will be no connectivity problems happening with any interviews, seminar, meeting & in any class through virtual mode

  • Kashish, Oct 7, 2022 @ 12:48 am Reply

    In my opinion, 5G network can improve our lives very efficiently as it can provide good internet connectivity in urban as well as in rural areas as we saw during the pandemic time, rural area people suffer a lot due to the low accessibility of network, students faced a lot of difficulty in their studies and they are still facing the same things. By using 5G we can provide a good health care in rural areas also, students can access their study material without any lag in network, but for using this we have to face many challanges as this is a very advanced technology that is there is uss of MLand AI , skilled workers are needed who have a good knowledge and experience in this particular field. Apart from this, there is very less chances to provide set up of 5G networks in rural areas as there are many places where even 4G network didn’t reach.
    So for the best use of this amazing technology gov. Should work upon hiring of skilled labours. And should find the good ways for providing accessibility to rural and remote areas.

  • chetan sen, Oct 6, 2022 @ 9:53 am Reply

    in my opinion, before the launching 5g service in India govt should properly install the 4G services. As we seen in many of ares in rural India the 4G service is not work properly infect not in the urban India.
    firstly, Airtel launch the 5G service in India at few areas like metro cities not in all.
    and we have not fiber connectivity across all over India so, firstly govt should lay down the fiber cable in all India.
    many loop holes we have in our network system so the govt should fix them and then launch the 5G network.

  • Jayashri, Sep 4, 2022 @ 8:54 pm Reply

    Keep it up bro !!

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