What is Light pollution :-

Light pollution or photo pollution is defined as the excessive use of artificial outdoor lightning.  This phenomenon affects the nighttime sky, disturbs the life process of many organisms, decreases the visibility at night, it has many adverse effects on the environment, energy resources, wildlife, and humans.

Photo pollution is not a new phenomenon over the past few years it has exponentially increased. One of the main reasons for the increase in light pollution is industrialization which has increased the indoor and outdoor lighting, advertising, lightning at corporate offices, commercial offices, buildings, factories, street lights, etc.

Causes of light pollution :-

  1. Poor planning :

Due to improper planning and unwanted lightning in various advertisements, street lighting and another outdoor lighting.

  1. Inappropriate usage :

Due to excessive and unwanted usage during the festivals and other functions also increases the light pollution.

  1. Overpopulation :

Due to increase in population all over the world, people are migrating which is also increasing the light pollution.

Effects of light pollution :-

Light pollution has many effects on the natural resources, wildlife, and ecology.

  1. Effect on the environment :

Light pollution releases a lot of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, which as a result increases many types of pollution. It increases air pollution and decreases the element from the atmosphere that cleans the atmosphere at night and prevents the smog and ozone pollution.

  1. Wastage of Energy and money :

Artificial lightning releases a lot of light in the areas where it is not needed which wastes a lot of energy and creates economic crises. It can be reduced by using the good quality of outdoor lighting which reduces the carbon emissions. It should also be well direct to the area where it is needed as well as fully shielded fixtures should be used.

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A huge amount of money invested in outdoor lightning which is unnecessary.

  1. A danger to Wildlife:

Excessive lightning disturbs the feeding, sleeping and life cycle of the wildlife. Many mammals such as deer, raccoon, bats and others find difficulty in searching for food at night due to excessive lightning.

Birds also use moonlight to hunt for food and migrate at night but artificial lightning deviates them from their route and may be dead or become prey to other animals.

Insects are also attracted towards the light which may lead to distraction and cause death and also disturbs the pollination process and disturbs the food cycle.

  1. Effects on humans :

Humans also face physical, mental and behavioral changes in the 24 hours life cycle due to this pollution. This disturbs the rhythm of human life and which causes many health problems such as cancer, diabetes, depression, anxiety, obesity, etc. Melatonin which regulates the wake and sleep cycle of humans is also disturbed because of the light pollution.

Conclusion :-

Light pollution is affecting the people as well as an environment which can be reduced with some measures which we all need to implement.  All that is needed is proper planning and education to solve this problem. We need to use proper lights in outdoor and advertisements and there is also a need for educating people about the problem and to make them aware to conserve energy and reduce light pollution.

Outdoor lighting is used to enhance the safety but too much lightning has other negative impacts which also causes many other problems.

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Afterwords :-

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  • P. Kolandasamy, Puducherry, May 10, 2018 @ 7:08 am Reply

    Yes. Definitely. The main agenda is creating awareness among the public. We have been blessed with a great life but due to lack of awareness , people spoil it. Please save mother nature for a better livelihood.

  • sanjay singh, Mar 21, 2018 @ 2:57 pm Reply

    I m totally consent to the this article.Yes it’s become very important to us control the light pollution because it is not only damage the ecosystem but distrubing flying creatures as well. Now every country’s govt try to acess electricity to it’s every citizen , it is good but people are misuse that light and create light pollution . I think every person should close his home’s every blub during night.In this way we decrease light pollution

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