To begin with, India does not have a national game as of now. Though ‘Hockey’ is taught to us as our national game right from our childhood but in 2012, Sports Ministry clarified that India has not notified any national game as such.

Now the question arises should cricket be made our national game?

Yes, Cricket should be declared as the national game of India:-

  • India has been performing outstandingly well in cricket from the past 20 years or so. It is the most popular sport in India. Children are madly passionate about it, people are deeply involved in the game, there is a cricket critic in every Indian house. The BCCI has been successful in brilliantly marketing and encouraging the game as well. BCCI is the richest cricket board in the world and the richest sports controlling authority in India. No sports authority has managed their game so well in India as compared to BCCI. We have won 3 World Cups, 2 Champion Trophies and many more prestigious tournaments.
  • Apart from the raw passion, the money and fame that follows are blinding. Unlike other players of other sports, the cricketers even at the junior levels earn handsomely, which is also a motivating factor that this game ensures financial security provided you play well.

No, Cricket should not be declared as the national game of India:-

  • Cricket basically originated in England and gained popularity in the colonial countries as the English masters used to play. The fine Englishmen used to bat all day and the tiring bowling work was done by the locals of the colonies. This game is a sign of the presence of colonialism.
  • We were champions of hockey even when we were not independent. We have won Olympic 8 gold medals in Hockey, highest in any sport. We had a glorious past, and we should work towards restoring it. Making Cricket as a national game may overshadow Hockey.
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Looking at the above arguments it is quite clear that if India has to have a national sport then it should be cricket.

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