Movies encourage social evils

Yes :-

  • Most of the movies make us feel like taking alcohol is a casual thing. Lead characters drink alcohol and it is shown as a cool thing. Though there will be a warning line such as ‘smoking and drinking is injurious to health’, that can easily be ignored considering the influence heroes of Indian cinema have on youth. People justify their drinking and smoking habits by relating themselves to characters in movies.
  • Some movies highlight anti-social elements such as Dons and criminal gangs. These movies influences people to sympathise with the characters that have negative shadow.
  • In many movies, lead characters take law into their hands and kills people in the name of revenge, which sends a very bad message to society. We, as a society should respect our justice system.
  • Many movies add item songs or so-called special songs which objectify women and depicts them in a derogatory way. And the female lead characters in those movies are loyal to male lead characters, whereas male lead character flirts and passes lewd comments on the girl in special songs. This does not have any positive thing at all. It just encourages social evils.
  • Stalking and chasing women for love are generally shown as heroic in Indian movies. As a result, stalking and killing people for not accepting love proposal are common things in India.

No :-

  • Depicting reality cannot be termed as encouraging them. Most of the movies are generally madeup from real life incidences. Movies and society progresses with time. This can be observed by watching old movies. Movies reflect the reality of that time.
  • Many movies are helping in making the society progressive. For example, ‘Pink‘ movie depicts reality as well as influences people to stop judging women based on their lifestyle.
  • Some movies show the reality and helps in addressing the dangers of social evils. For example, ‘Udta Punjab‘ influences youth to not consume drugs.
  • These days, movies with positive content is attracting huge audience. And movies that influences us to empathise with anti-social elements are not selling as much as they expected them to. This means that people have enough awareness to choose between good and bad and hence there is no need to worry about bad movies.
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Conclusion :-

Movies and societal changes influence each other. Both witness changes with time. Many movies are bringing positive changes in society. And some movies are knowingly or unknowingly encouraging social evils. But the good thing is the present society is much more aware of the impact of everything on people and is easily expressing views on something that does bad to society. And hence, there is freedom of expression and intelligent society – a combination of both is a sign of progressive society.

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  1. It’s not bad.because all movies not bad some movies gives us motivation .and we can know about our old time history and culture through movies.

  2. O yes , just saw taxes chainsaw massacre and leather man and I don’t think there is any best example than this movie series of promoting evil by celebrating murderers and psychopath

  3. I think movi always encourage our good life . May be literate or illiterate all are watching movi .without movi we can’t alive in our life . Every people have awareness about movi .Rich poor education al or all type of people watch movi so they can intake there choice. After watching movi they impressed in there life . They decide how they will move their own path . Little example in move after watch ad smoking is injurious to our health then we decided no more smoking . Everything has good or bad path we have to take good path. Specially I think movi impressed us in every aspect like as our styles love improvement etc . so it is give energy’s our life not social evils .

  4. Hi friends, we can’t say movie is evil for our society because some movie give us positive massage like border movie which is lead by sanny deol. It is encourage us join military. And other movie like uri and kargil etc. A movie suryavanshi which is lead by amitabh bacchon it is remember our responsible to our parents. We can’t say all movie good for us. Like a movie fashion lead by Katrina caef. In which movie she use short dress which is against our culture. So, we can’t say movie is evil or not.
    Thank-you to read it.

  5. Social Media which is very common among yougsters today,it has both pros and Cons such as Social Media used as a medium mainly to converse with people and interact with them,which ultimately may result into some fruitful result or not.Social media such as Facebook which has a wide coverage all over the world that Mark Zuckerberg has made,Instagram also the has same features many people make their own blogs and advertise their own brands and catalogues and whatsapp which is most common these days is used as a both for positive and negative outcomes.
    our society is impacted by these social medias on a large scale these days which ultimately changes human behaviour in the long Run.

  6. movies used as a entertainment thing but some people forget the difference between good and bad . I agreed that movies encourage social evils. The movies made to entertain the audience, but the purpose of entertaining audience ,movies maker forget that it made a huge influence on youth and sometimes they choose a wrong path instead of right which look correct in their eyes, but it also true that there are some good movies which spread awareness against social evils .It depend on the audience to understand what is right and whats wrong and what is reality and what is fake and acknowledge that movies are not reality.

  7. I think movies create social evils. Instead of focusing on how stringent our laws can be for the criminals movies promote heroic characters who fool the system to save themselves. People think of these heroes as their idols and justify their acts as inspired by movies.

  8. According to me movies encourage social evil. We watch movie and we enjoy but we forget this one silver screen for our entertainment and real life is totally different . In movie everything is possible but real life may be it is not possible. But movies impact comes to out society . Especially teenager they want to fulfill their dream and desire and they cannot understand what is wrong and what is right only they want to fulfill their demand sometimes they make mistake and during their whole life they suffer they drop out from their study , they loose their future. When they are not able to get success they want to take revenge , they take alcohol and get drunk and sometimes rape , murder and pass lewd comments. For example a boy propose a girl but girl doesn’t want to accept that time he gets furious and want to take revenge. Sometimes they throw acid to the girl and sometimes murder .We read newspaper everyday and get information several incidents are happening in our society, They cannot accept everything is not possible.

  9. I think the problem lies in education. The youth must know what to follow and what not to and nobody can teach them. Creating awareness and a strict movie board will surely change things.

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