Reasons I feel that AI will take over human intelligence are :

Technology is never deterministic. It opens various technical, social and political doors.

Nuclear technology is a very efficient alternative for non-renewable energy resources. But still, we chose to move ahead with more and more types of nuclear warhead. Same is the case with almost every other invention. Similarly, though initially AI promised better lives for us, but because of AI, we have started losing our basic human qualities.

The huge data we produce every day is analysed and fed into our devices through algorithms that we end up giving more and more control of our lives to the gadgets. We may feel that we receive all these services for free, but they come at the cost of our precious time and attention.

We have started losing our basic human habits and instincts, and are actually governed by the devices and apps.

  • For example, let’s take Google Maps. We just feed the starting point and the destination, and it shows us the path and we follow that without thinking. Though 95% times it shows the best route but we have given up our thinking and decision-making abilities for this activity, which wasn’t the case earlier.
  • Similarly, with all the data and algorithm our apps and gadgets, without our conscious knowledge, are making decisions for us. Decision making is (was) one of the qualities that made humans different from others.
  • In the US, a robot carried out better and quicker surgery than a human doctor and was also displaying various data regarding the present stage and future possibilities simultaneously which is out of scope for a human doctor.
  • China is leading in the development of driverless cars and autonomous cars are giving better results than human driven cars.
  • Our planes have been flying on autopilot modes and with time the autopilots are getting better and better.
  • There are various other examples where the machines have been replacing humans, doing better, and depriving humans of their basic qualities or are on their way to do so.
  • Some people do argue that humans have an emotional side which can’t be substituted by any machine. But for them I have a two-point counter argument:
    • Since machines don’t have an emotional side, their decisions/solutions won’t be affected by some family problems at home, fights with a spouse or bad grades of a child which are very likely to affect human decisions at times.
    • People are losing their emotional sides. After a daily 10-hour shift from Monday to Friday most of us prefer to stay at home on the holidays. We surround ourselves with laptop, TV, mobile and use them in cycles for Netflix, sports, social media etc. (thinking that we are relaxing) rather than going out. We prefer and are more comfortable with online chatting instead of talking to people for real. There are less meaningful relationships nowadays because of all the above factors. We have started preferring isolation.
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Conclusion :-

No big change in the history of mankind has taken place instantly. Everything has evolved over a long period of time without any idea of what is actually happening as we consider the very small changes as natural or development. Similarly, this change will also not happen instantly but if don’t become conscious of our daily activities AI is inevitable and will completely take over us probably in the next 200 years.

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